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Reviewed: 06/21/01 | Updated: 06/21/01

Makes me want to raise my own farm...

Control: 10/10

This game is great! It's not so hard to control, and the tools are easy to use. The controls are very basic, making a expert, or a beginner know what to do. If you don't know how to play, you can go to the How to Play section in the game, and it will teach you everything! Like I said, even beginners can play this game with ease!!!

Story: 9/10

Your grandpa dies, and you are in charge of the farm. You have a dog, a house, some barns, and a open field. You have to take care of the farm, raise livestock, get married, make friends, make money, and have fun!!! It's a very original storyline. Natsume was the only company that thought of this idea.

Music: 7/10

This is what brought the score down. The music is OK. It's not very catchy. The only good part of it is the reality. The raindrops are very realistic. Also, there are different tunes for each season that match perfectly. The thypoon music is cool. The rest were not bad.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are great! It's not the best in the N64 Gameworld, but they are good. The people look so realistic, and they look like little toy dolls! You got to hand it to Nintendo, they have the best graphics! They should have the made the faces 3D also! But there's no perfect game in the world!

Gameplay: 9/10

This is a logic game. You need to think well. You need to make decisions whether you should buy this seed, or that seed, or that animal, or etc. You have to make decisions as well. Also, you need to know how to raise the animals, make the horse a speedy runner, making friends with people. If you are a bad RPG player, this game is not for you.

Replayablilty: 10/10

This game has the perfect replayablilty! After three years, you can continue life on the farm. You can also make friends with people you aren't friends with yet, or make couples married, or marry someone yourself! It's better than the SNES version, which you can play for how long you like!

Cool RPG
Cool graphics
Easy Controls

Time goes by quickly in the game.
Bad grammar errors(Natsume spelled their name wrong on the Press Start menu)

Rent or Buy:

Rent the game first to see if you like it. If raising your own farm is a good game for you, buy it! It's not so expensive.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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