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"Easily, one of THE greatest games of all time."

Don't you just love a game where you can take huge swords and powerful magic spells to destroy all the evil that surrounds the characters? Well if that's the type of game you're looking for you are definitely in the wrong place. Sure, Harvest moon 64 is an rpg, just not a traditional one. Instead of whacking enemies with your sword, you whack the ground with your hoe, that's right this is a farming game. Probably when most people think of a farming game, they think that it's boring. I can assure you none of those people have ever played a Harvest Moon game. Besides this isn't just a farming game, you can also visit the little village, for all of the local festivals. Or you can visit the mountains to fish, or forage for wild grapes. You can visit the ranch, and the vineyard too.

Story 8/10: The story fits the game well, your grandfather dies and you inherit his farm, your dad gives you two and a half years to turn it into a successful ranch. It's not the greatest story in the world, but it works well enough.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics are nice but they are a little cute (the characters look like they're ten years old) but I don't really have a problem with that. The nice thing is the camera isn't all messed up, it even gives you eight different angles, but this is only on your farm.

Sound 10/10: I like the music in the game, from the gloomy winter music, to the peppy autumn music. My one problem with the music in this game there isn't much variety, but that's okay, I like what I hear and that's most important of all. The sounds are good, everything sounds as it should (sheep sound like sheep, cows like cows etc.). There are tons of sounds in the game from rain falling to when you drop an egg on the ground.

Gameplay 10/10: The game play is the best part of the game (as it should be) You have to spruce up your grandfathers farm, by clearing weeds and rocks, and chopping up stumps. Then you have to hoe the land and plant crops for each season, cabbage,turnips and potatoes in the spring. Tomato's and Corn in the summer, and eggplant in the fall.

The game go's deeper than just planting crops, you also add to your little shack (and is a must if you want to get married), there's even a greenhouse if you want to plant in the winter too!

There are animals to raise (chickens, sheep, and cows) and each help you get more money.

In my opinion this is the best part of the game finding a wife. There are five different girls to chose from in flower bud village, From the shy Maria, to the high spirited Ann. They don't like you from the begging though, you have to give them presents everyday for them to like you (which I suppose is the E rated way of dating). Although if you don't want to you don't have to get married at all.

Replay Value 10/10: This is a game that you will be playing for years and years, it never ends, you can continue farming as long as you like. Of course you can try different strategies, or marry a different wife. The game has tons of hidden features, so take advantage of the four save files you get with the game.

Mogs comments: This is definitely a game I recommend you pick up and soon! It's a rare find, but I don't regret getting it, and I'm sure that you won't either.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/01, Updated 08/23/01

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