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Reviewed: 09/25/01 | Updated: 09/25/01

Did someone say: "Harvest Moon"?

No one ever knows how Natsume got this crazy idea of a farming RPG game. But I'm sure glad they did.

Harvest Moon basically allows you to role play as a male farmer. But it's more than just spread the seeds and sit on a rock and wait until the plants grow. You have to water the seeds, you have to BUY the seeds with your own money. And you earn money by harvesting your crop. It's more like a cycle really...

Let's take another look at this wonderful game. Step aside from the farming. You get to raise animals! Holy cow! That's right, you get to raise a cow!!! Also a chicken, horse, sheep and a dog! You can sell the eggs, the milk and the wool! And you could participate in the horse and dog races if you tame your animals really good! But of course, you have to brush it everyday and feed it! After all, even animals deserves to be treat like...animals...

Okay, get out of that stinky farm. Look at the world out there! There are villagers for you to meet! But of course, they treat you as a stranger at first. You actually need to put some effort if you want them to notice you. To make friends with them, try giving them a gift, or simply just talk to game. Once you are friends with them, you might get a recipe, and may be even a surprising secret!!!

Not only can you make friends! You can get married! There are 5 different girls in the whole village. And each has an unique personality. From 'shy' to 'outgoing'. From 'rude' to 'caring'. You name it, the girls have it. And when the girls are really into you, you can show them that 'blue feather' and ask them to marry you! Oh the joy of life!!!

So, as you could see from the other reviews. Harvest Moon is one of the best games. Here are the reasons why:

Story: 9/10
Your grandpa was a famous farmer previously. Until one fateful day, your grandpa died. So you decided to take on the new challenge and continue to run the farm. You need to proof to your dad that you could build a successful farm within' 3 years. It's a pretty nice storyline, I guess. Not that too dramatic, but oh come on, we are not asking for a Shakespears here...

Graphics: 8/10
Yes, some of the characters might look like life-sucking robots that are puny seven years old. But that's not the point of the game. And if you look closely, you could see how detailed the game is. Try looking at Karen's room, or the potion shop. There are lots of places where the good graphics lie.

Sound: 7/10
The music gets repetitive after the first 5 minutes you hear it. It just keeps playing over and over again...Each season has its own theme song. Spring and Autumn has slow-paced music. Summer is those kind of cheerful-and-lively music. And Winter is just depressing. And the sound effects in the game ain't any better, actually there are none! Unless you count the ''Moo!'' or the ''clucking from your chickens''...other than that, the game has very limited amount of sound. But that might as well be the best, since too much noise equals a headache

Controls: 9/10
Okay, the controls are really easy to use. You just need to get used to them. However, there are certain times where you wish the control isn't there. For example, during the swimming festival, you need to press the 'A' button fierecely, which really hurts your fingers. But other than that, the controls are fairly easy and you can memorize the buttons easily.

Gameplay: 10/10
I would give this a 11/10 if I could ^_^ But I couldn't. So a 10 is the best. A farming RPG might not be the perfect game in everyone's mind. But once you get the hang of it, you will love it! You will love it when your potatoes and tomatoes harvest! You will love it when you get married to your dream girl! You will love it when your wife born a baby! You will love everything!!!

Replay: 10/10
Are you kidding? I could play this game without removing the controller out of my hand for 24 hours! Well, that might be exaggerated, but you get my point. There are tons to do in the game. You can collect up to 36 different recipes in the whole game! Collect 15 different photos in your photo album! Collect 11 different power berries in the whole game! And discover all the secrets in the whole game!!!

Buy or Rent: BUY!!!
Believe me, renting it is a BIG no-no! You could play this game for over a week if you buy it! But if you rent it, you can only play for a few crummy days, and that wouldn't be enough to marry all the girls, discover all the secrets and collect all the recipes! ^_^ Let alone all the other 'fun' things you have missed!

Overall: 10/10
Trust me, Harvest Moon is a perfect game. Even if there are lots of flaws: (spelling errors, glitches, weird useless things and where does the villagers sleep?) It's still a perfect fun game. You can play it up to hours and still don't get bored of it. You should definitely buy it or at least check it out!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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