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Reviewed: 11/25/01 | Updated: 11/25/01

Can It be? Is this bliss?

Perfection. All games strive for it. Some games fail such as action 52,and Heroes Of the Lance.others come close like super monkey ball and Ico. But this...this IS perfection.Pure and simple.on the outside It is a nightmare to action fans and a good game to those with patience and who like this sort of RPGish type of game anyway.But once you take a close look you will find one of the most complete games out there.

Be warned however,if you need constant action like some sugar hyped 4 year old then you MUST stay away.Action can be found but only if you look.on to the review!

Graphics:9 (exceptional)
four words: They suit the game.these graphics are a bit soft and cartoony but they fit the game like a glove.every time you talk to a person you will see a message box but on the side you will see a detailed face of the charactor.depending on their mood or their feelings their expression will change.this is one of many things that give the game the mystifying charm that it has.but besides my other point good detail was put into it potatoes look like potatoes eggplant like eggplant.Very nice.

Sound:6(above average)
Its weakest point but none the less it is still good.Quality is top notch but the reason it is so low is because of 2 things:
1) not look forward to a sound track because there is about 7 songs at the most.
2)annoyance.after hearing the fall tune for 30 minutes you will want to imprison the music designer.the songs do not last long to begin with and every time you go to a new area IT REPEATS!!moving on...

Gameplay:10 (flawless)
Yes,Yes!YES!!!! this is simply incredible! they`ve rolled a dating simulation,farm simulation,and pure heaven into one.I will break these down one by one...
Dating simulation:one of you five of them.You must like those date in this game is the only way to get a remotely decent see there are 5 girls in this game:Maria,Karen,Popuri,Elli,and Ann. they each have differing personalities and where a certain gift may please a girl the very same gift may make a woman hate not try anything behind their backs either they know.eventually you can marry,then have kids,(No,you do not get to see it happen :P)the whole nine yards.
Farming:yep perfection in a game get tons of tools crops for each season and the option to do whatever you want with them.not to mention that you can raise animals.
Bliss:the above 2 are so well done it is amazing you can water the crops see the look of joy on Karen`s face when you give her a very berry and other things of the like.there are festivals,mini quests,pictures to get,a special ending.lots to do...

control:9 (exceptional)
handles like a dream A is expendable items B is tools control stick to only complaint is that it is hard to get exactly in position sometimes.

satisfaction:10 (flawless)
this game is amazing so much to do so little time to get a good score this can keep you occupied for months and even then you may be only half way there...

buy or rent:Buy
unless you are an action fan then only rent it but if you have the time and patience you will want to buy it for sure.

Final Statement.
It can all be yours in Harvest moon if you sow the seeds....

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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