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Reviewed: 02/14/03 | Updated: 02/14/03

Best, Game, Ever. </comic book guy voice>

Harvest Moon 64 is the story of Jack (Or whatever you want to name him) and his quest to save his Grandpa's rundown farm and restore it to glory. (Like every HM, heh).

Although this is probably the most repetitive game on the planet, it just doesn't seem to get boring at all.

I never though doing the same thing over and over and over again could be so much FUN! (It's kinda scary!)

Gameplay 10/10

You start off each day by waking up and eating breakfast. After that it's time to go and waste off the day. The first thing you'll probably being doing is watering your crops. This is a farming game after all and the majority of your income will come in from crops, but fear not there are probably a dozen other ways to make money. (Well, there's a few anyway...)

After you get the chores out of the way you can start to fool around and have fun. You can forge friendships with just about everyone you meet, not to mention you can start a relationship with 1 of 5 eligible ladies to be married, and if you don't marry them someone else will! And if things get serious with someone you can get married and start a family!

Each year is broken down into 4 months (1 for each season) and each month is 30 days. A day is probably 5-15 minutes depending on how you play. During certain days in each season special events occur. These include (but not limited to) Horse Racing, Dog Racing, Easter Egg hunt, swimming contest, and much much MUCH more.

Back to the farming. You buy seeds from the local flower shop, once you do that you plant the seeds, water them, and in a few days they grow! (Yes, just like your chia pet.)

There are several tools that you must use to perform tasks such as The Axe, The Hammer, The Hoe (It's a tilting tool!), and more. And the best part is the more you use them, the better they get. All tools tart a level 1 and can go to level 3.

No matter how many times I play this it never get's boring.

Control 10/10

Solid controls. Very easy to learn. It may seem annoying to have to switch tools every 10 seconds but you get used to it.

Graphics 10/10

Remember folks this is a N64 game so don't expect Splinter Cell here.

Great graphics all around though. Very detailed Art. I loved it.

Sound/Music 10/10

Catchy. Very very catchy.

The Winter music is kind of gloomy, but winter is supposed to be gloomy with all of your crops dying and all.

Fun 10/10

So much to do. Endless replayability. I love this game, and I probably will until I die. (And maybe even after that!)

Buy or Rent?


This game is rare now, so if you see it, buy it.

If you see someone else trying to take the last copy, punch him out. It's worth it. (Kidding of course... Violence is bad, mmm'kay.)

Anyway, if manage to find this game it means the divine powers that be are smiling on you.

Overall 10/10

I can't get enough of this game! Please if you get the chance, try this game. You may find yourself addicted. (Good addictive, not bad addictive like cigarettes, heh.)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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