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"Addictive and fun RPG!!!"

This game is one of the best RPGs I played in a while. No blasting people's head off or decapitating an alien, but just pure fun. This game is very addictive and fun at the same time. Once you start playing, you probably won't be able to put down the controller for a while. This game is a farming RPG and the goal of the game is to try to be successful in two years and to go after the girl of your dreams. There are tons of characters to interact with but also, there is a lot of work to do in a day, so managing your time wisely is a big part of the game. While doing the same work everyday may seem tedious, it's actually not as bad as it sounds. If you don't feel like doing something, you don't have to. Most of the time, the consequences are only minor. Although your process is evaluated after two years, there is no time limit and you can play it until you get tired of the game. Even though this game is extremely fun in gameplay, it is also not flawless. There is quite a lot they could have improved from. For example, some of the grammar, and translation in there is pretty bad, so it seems like they didn't use spell check while translating.

The graphics in this game is pretty good. Aside from some draw-in graphics at the edges of the T.V screen, I liked the graphics. Although the graphics may be considered cute by some people, I feel that it serves the game quite well, and gives the game a friendly and fun atmosphere.

The sound and music in this game is adequate. The music often has a good rhythm, but unfortunately, it starts all over every time you go into a new screen. The sound is pretty plain and simple.

In conclusion, I give this game a 9.5 because it isn't perfect, but if they had spent more time fixing and optimizing, I wouldn't hesitate to give this game a 10. So therefore, I feel that is one of the best games of the N64 and for anyone who hasn't played this game before, I recommend that you at least give this game a rental, if not buying it. Warning: you WILL get hooked!!

Replay Value-9
Overall value-9.5 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/00, Updated 01/11/00

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