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"Harves Moon is THE best RPG on N64"

Harvest Moon is THE best RPG on N64. Possibly the 3rd best RPG on the Next Generation Systems. This is game will make you keep on coming back for more. Best of all, you can keep on playing after the ending.

GAMEPLAY Rating:9 - This game uses a simple button system. The controls can be a little strange when you first play, but after about 15 minutes you get the hang of it.

STORY RATING:10 - This game has THE coolest story in any game. The story is Unique and a Original story.

SOUND RATING:9 - This game music I must admit gets annoying after you play it awhile. The sound effects themselves are good for a cartridge. But, the Music has 4 different main tunes and a varity of sub themes.

Replay Value:10 (Can't I pick 11?) - This is the best replay value in any game. No game can compare to it. After the ending you can keep on playing! This just proves Natsume does listen to its Fans!

In the end, this is the best game I played. This game is a great addition to the other Harvest Moon games made. Natsume is amazingly one of the only company's that actually listens to its fans. You wont see this game quality in any Nintendo game. Buy this game now or suffer!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/13/00, Updated 01/13/00

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