Review by HM64Schezo

"Another Harvest Moon hit for the N64!"

The very popular farming game, Harvest Moon, gets a lot larger, interesting, and more fun on the Nintendo 64!

Gameplay- 10
All I have to say is… Perfect! The gameplay may take a little getting used to at first… that is if you've never played a Harvest Moon game before. As all the other versions of Harvest Moon, you clean up the farm, you plant seeds, take care of cows, take care of sheep and take care of chickens. Still, there is much more that happens in this game besides all of that stuff, you will have to walk around town, buy items, make friends, and there is also a chance that maybe later in the game… you might get married! The control is excellent, I believe it is much easier to ship and plant crops with the new controls. There are several problems with the game though, so don't be alarmed whenever the game freezes or the screen looks odd whenever you turn on the television inside the house. Ask other people, and they will have the same problems. Still, don't let this get you down!

Story- 9
Your grandfather has died, you made it to the ranch just in time to hear his last words, but you cannot make the words out. But anyway, you've inherited his farm, it is up to you to bring the farm back to it's normal self that it was many years ago. Make a good living for about 3 years, then your dad will come back and see how well you've been doing. With him rating your progress, you don't want to make him disappointed! So do well!

Audio/Video- 8
I've never liked music in the Harvest Moon games, but the music in the N64 version, is actually pretty good! Still, if you enter and exit buildings, the music will start all over again, and this may get on some people's nerves! Fortunately, there is the nice sound of rain, which will not get annoying! The graphics are done pretty well. No polygons in this game, everything looks pretty smooth, and the character artwork has that super deformed anime look to it, very cute…

Replayability- 10
ARGHH! This game is too addictive, once you start; you'll never stop! It just isn't that way for me either… you can go on forever in this game after the ending, so you might get bored after all the main events have happened, and you've found everything. Though I'm not bored with it yet, and I've found pretty much everything!

Rent or Buy?
Buy, Buy, Buy! Personally, I don't think there is any way to rent Harvest Moon 64 and complete it during that period that you have it. You might as well just buy it because when you take the game back after renting it, you are just going to want to rent it again and again. So just buying it will save you a ton of cash!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/00, Updated 06/30/02

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