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"Its your fathers time to go and your time to shine!"

Your father dies and it is now up to you to take over the rundown farm. Everyone is sad that the old guy had to leave but it was his time to go...and now its your time to shine!

There isn't really a goal to this game, because actually, you choose what you want to accomplish. This game is all about basic farming life, choosing the chicks while keeping a good eye on the farm.

On the farming side, you must take care of all of your plants and get a good income. Of course, your farm starts all rundown so you just make a cheap amount of money at the start collecting fruits and plants from the nearby forest. Later on, you could get your farm up and running brightly; you can choose from cows, chickens, or plain old plants to help out the farm and make it beautiful!

On the dating side, their are five different cuties to choose from. Of course, in this game you play a cute boy who is looking for GIRLS (not boys). All the girls have different personalities and looks. Choose the one that fits you best and talk and give it gifts. If you keep up the company, you'll later have the option to propose and get married. But be warned, if you treat your wife bad, she'll dump you just like that!

Another great feature as far as the gameplay is concerned is that there is a time system. The game keeps track of how many days, seasons, and years that you have been playing. Depending on the season, the weather might be rainy, warm, or worst, an earthquake can occur. Depending on the season depends on what crops can survive that season and later in the game, if you save up you can buy a greenhouse which allows you to grow crops whatever the season.

3-D and a little cute; but that doesn't mean that right away that the game is considered ''kiddy'' because it has a little bit of ''cute'' graphics. Actually, this game is for all ages/skill of gamers.

The music is regular light working music. There really isn't a wide selection in music and sound but music and sound shouldn't really matter in a game, especially in a game like this, I'm sure, (just like in reality) sound and music might really mess up your concentration.

Once you finish the game or if you think you finished the game, after year one goes buy there are still many things to do. There are many special items, and tools to upgrade. Not only that, but you sill got to find a girl and keep up the farm to make it look perfect. Maybe even max your limit of cows and chickens, just take care of them and don't let them die. There are many secrets to Harvest Moon as well but if you get this game, I wont reveal them, but instead, let you have the fun. As you can tell from reading above, there is a big replay value and the game will soon end up being addicting and hard to give up playing.

Overall Conclusion
This game may sound very boring, that is what I thought about it as well, until I bought it. You simply cannot get all the fun in this game unless you buy it. Many long time action players might get bored of this game easily, but many people who like a game with good strategy and the ability to choose, this ones it!

I give this game an eight out of ten because it is a great game and would make a wise buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 08/17/02

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