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Reviewed: 06/12/00 | Updated: 04/10/03

You may already have a real life, but not one as good (or fun) as this!

Harvest Moon, a series that can be very addictive, and very fun at the same time. You may stop and say “bah”, but leave that for the sheep, this game may be about farming, but in no way is it a terrible game. The game puts you in the life of a young man, who takes over the family farm. Sound borring? Then you need to get out more… This is an excellent game, and will keep you busy for a long time to come!

Ever since I started updating my reviews, I noticed I gave too many 10s, to too many things. But this definitely deserves a 10. There are many things that you can do as a farmer. You have to talk to the girls, and choose one you’d like to woo. That alone gives this game really great gameplay. The girl, as you give her more presents, tends to start liking you more. When her heart changes color, it means she likes you more than she did. When it finally gets red, it means she loves you, and is ready for marriage. Then there is the other villagers, who depending on how you treat them, will like you, or hate you. There is also the farming, the game may not show the seeds growing, but who really wants to sit and watch crops go. As time goes by, it gets darker, and when you wake up in the mornings, the seeds sprout a little bit. there is limitless things you can do in this game. You can go fishing, just get a fishing pole from the fisherman. You can sell herbs in the forrest, just go hand pick them. Your house is a bit small, why not go and upgrade it? There are too many things to do in this game.

Graphics-8/10- This game has really good graphics. For an N64 game, they are really brought out. Everything is pretty much to scale, and the people move realistically. You have a semi-polygon character, but that adds to a 3d look. The graphics in this game are amazing. You can see other characters moving, the time changing slowly, as it gets brighter in the day, and darker at night. The sea is beautiful, the scenery is nice, and it’s all fairly realistic. The graphics in this game are great, there may be some that are better outt there somewhere, but these will do for a game like this.

The story really depends on you. Unlike RPG’s, just going from place to place, making the story happen, this game depends on your actions. Certain events are triggered by the things you do. Different villagers will do different things for you. You sort of make the story as you go along. Sure it’s just your grandfathers farm, that you’ve taken over, but it’s really more than that. No major plot twists and turns, but a limitless story, that can be taken almost anywhere.

This is the one true downfall to Harvest Moon 64. The music gets old by mid-season on the farm, and very quickly in town as well. One can only stand so much of each tune. The music is happy-going, but it does have good qualities. It really does match the season, and the events. The music is probably the only bad quality of Harvest Moon 64, but it’s not too bad. You can always turn on your CD player if you must.

The game is indeed challenging. In order to get girls to like you, you must give them presents, but if you want a particular girl, you have a rival. If he gets her before you, which is very possible, then you’ll have to choose another girl. Then there is hurricanes, which take out your crops. The game isn’t hard to beat, just work a little bit, and you’ll keep the farm. The game isn’t challenging in the sense that, it’s hard to beat. It’s just hard to do everything you need to do.

The only thing that hurts replay, is the fact there are other Harvest Moon games. This is a great game, that, once you get to keep the farm, you’ll want to continue on for as long as you can. Even if you don’t want to continue, starting a new game is also a great thing. You choose from 5 different girls, you may want a different girl the next time through, or maybe not get married at all. You may also want to try different animals as well. Perhaps you don’t like raising cows, start over, and don’t buy any. This game has nearly limitless replay!

Overall- 8/10
This is an overall great game. Sure you may say to yourself “I hate farming, farmers are dumb” but this game, while it may not change you’re outlook, it will show you that it can be fun. The game has a great variety of features, and these features make this an excellent game, for anyone to own.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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