Review by Draco.

"A game you can't go to sleep on!"

Harvest Moon is easily the perfect RPG. Anybody could stay up hours playing Harvest Moon. When I first heard of this game, from my brother, I knew I had to have that game. Because for one I love RPGs and for two how can anybody resist a farming/dating simulator wrapped into one. So now instead of trying to beat Sephiroth, I'm trying to get Anne, the lovable red head of the town, to go out with me.

Graphics 8
There's nothing really special about Harvest Moon's graphics, but I figured they at least deserved an eight. Because they aren't that great, but at least you can tell the difference between the town's people. In some games (like Mystical Ninja, which in my opinion stunk) some of the town's people look pretty much the same. So then you don't know who you talked to and who you didn't talk to.

Gameplay 10
Who ever thought that a farming/dating simulator could be this much fun. I never did until I heard of Harvest Moon, I mean there's so much to do, you can even get drunk and go to festivals. Then there's the part of game where you have to raise crops and harvest them. It can be tedious work, but in the end it's very profitable. On top of tending to your crops and having to care greatly for your animals in order for them to love you so they don't die. The cows and sheep are pretty easy to care for except when they start to combine into a group when you have four cows and four sheep it gets kind of hard. Because you can't tell the difference between them all so you don't know which ones you brushed and/or milked, and occasionally you have to trim your sheep. These chores can get annoying, but in the end it's great fun.

Sound 10
I thought that the sound was really good, better than some N64 games I've played. All the animal sounds sound pretty much like real animals. Another cool thing is how the music changes through the seasons. All in all the sound and the music fit all the different moods of the game.

Replay 10
Besides this game's great fun the fact that it's non-linear makes it the fantastic game that it is.

I have no clue how anybody could not like this game. If you have doubts about it from all the reviews you read, I would at least rent it so you can see for yourself how cool this game really is.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/00, Updated 06/22/00

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