How do I get past (the goron on snowhead temple?

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  1. You need to play the Goron Lullaby as a Goron. If you don't have that yet, then...

    (this is assuming you already have the Lens of Truth/Goron Mask)

    The Gorons here are being tortured by the constant crying of a Baby Goron. Climb up the ramp to the left of the door, and go along the ramp to the west side of the room. Go through the door on the far west of the room to reach the Baby's Room. Speak with him, and he'll cry for his daddy. Return to the Mountain Lake. Go into the pit you opened earlier, and fill a bottle with Hot Spring Water. Return to the surface, and jump down into the lake bed. Start looking for a snowball near the third island that is significantly larger then the others in the area (Tatl will also hover by it and turn green). Smash the snowball with Goron Link to reveal the Goron Elder, trapped in a block of ice (if it's Day Two then the Goron Elder appears in the Goron Village area).

    Free the Goron Elder with your bottle of Hot Spring Water, and then speak with him as Goron Link, and he'll "hurry" away. Speak with him again, and he'll mistake you for Darmani (not surprising, since Link inhabits the bodies of the spirits he has healed... it's best not to think about it). The Goron Elder will then teach you the first half of the Goron's Lullaby (he forgot the second half).

    Once you have the Lullaby Intro, return to the Goron Shrine.

    Return to the Baby's Room on the west side of the shrine, and play him the Lullaby Intro as Goron Link. The Goron Baby will teach you the rest of the song.

    With the Goron Baby asleep, the torches in the room will light up. (this will be important if you want to get the Don Gero Mask)
    Head through the pass in the northwest corner of Mountain Village, just to the right of the shivering Goron.

    Here, use Goron Link's roll ability at it's maximum speed, and hit the ramps along the path at full speed to make it over the gaps
    in the road. You can simply plow through the snowballs that appear in the road. Go through the pass in the north side of the area to reach Snowhead.

    Now, play the Goron's Lullaby on the Goron Drums. A massive, invisible Biggoron will become visible, and fall asleep, crashing into the canyon below. This is the same Biggoron who knocked Darmani off the canyon, killing him. Punch open the small snowballs in the ground near the Owl
    Statue to find Magic Pots and a Fairy to capture in a Bottle, then use Goron Link's rolling ability at it's maximum speed to head north.

    As you roll along, watch out for the flag posts that get in your way. You can just crash right through the snowballs. When you reach the large circular area in the north side of the zone, stay in Goron Link's rolling form, still at maximum speed. Start rolling around the cliff going clockwise (rolling to the left), and you'll start rolling up a ramp. Ride all the way to the top of the ramp, crashing through the Snowballs on the way, and at the top you'll smash into a snowdrift, which will end your rolling adventure. If you fall or run out of Magic Power, more can be found in the numerous snowballs around the area. Enter the doorway near the snowdrift to enter the temple.

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  1. okay that last one was quite long, so ill just help ya out =) in short if you have the fire arrows and lens of truth, go to the goron shrine and there should be a little baby. if you speak to him, he will tell you something 'bout his dads gone remember those bridge on the hills area? with the wolfos and the rock on the ground? turn into goron link, and break the biggest rocks. there shud be an old goron inside. take off the goron mask and equip fire arrows. shoot at the old goron and he will melt. talk to him once as a goron and then after the little chat pull out your drums and he will teach you the 1st part of the goron lullaby! (buh buh buh, BAHHHHHHHH!)go back to goron shrine and sing the first part to the baby as a goron.the baby, (oddly enough) will teach you the rest. Go to the Snow head temple and use the lens of truth. youll see a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE goron known as biggoron (featured in ocarina of time, minish cap, and more!) will apear he was stupid enough that he just sits here all day, blowing his lungs out. maybe part of a deep breathing exercise? anyway sing the goron lullaby to him AS A GORON and he will fall asleep and roll of into the canyon and walk back to the powder keg shop to sell the powder kegs. there you go

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