What are the differences between the three? (GC, Wii, N64)

  1. I know that there are three, one for each, but what are the [noticeable] differences that [may/may not] stand out for each one?

    User Info: Varia_Shell

    Varia_Shell - 8 years ago

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  1. Both the wii and gamecube version were ports, however, there were slight differences. The gamecube version froze constantly, had glitchy sound, poor framerate, and only came with Zelda Collector's edition. The Wii version, however, only had about a millisecond of sound glitches which occasionally occurs when going to a new area, but it's practically unnoticeable. The wii version also has a very high framerate and almost never freezes. The only downside to the wii version is that the torch fires are much smaller, making the island jumping minigame significantly harder.

    User Info: PSPFan12

    PSPFan12 - 8 years ago 2 0

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