Where can I find the bunny hood?

  1. Where can i find this mask??

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    tzerue - 7 years ago

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  1. First, visit the Laundry Pool late on the first or second night to find the musician from the Gorman troupe. Speak to him and listen to his story to receive the Bremen Mask. Then, visit Romani Ranch on any of the three days (if you don't want to wait until you finish the Snowhead Temple and gain access to the Powder Kegs, just go there on the third day when the road is cleared.) and enter the Cucco Hut, the door with a mural of several Cuccos painted on the outside along the outer wall of the ranch. Using the Bremen Mask, march around the area until all... 10, I think?... Cucco chicks are following you and, after all of them are behind you, they'll grow into adult Cuccos. Speak to Grog and he'll give you the Bunny Hood.

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  1. You go to the leundry pool at night and talk to the guy sitting on the bench. As long as you are not a Deku scrub he will give you the Breamen mask. go to the chick farm in Romni ranch. Put the mask on and march (it's speciel abbilty). When all the Chicks are following you they start to grow into Cuccos, talk to the there owner and you get the Bunny hood!

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