Powder Keg License?

  1. I did everything the Big Goron said (including blowing the rock up with the Powder Keg lol) and I go back to him and he still just tells me about the Powder Keg and doesn't give me a licence...I've done this twice already....whats the problem

    User Info: Gamecube18th

    Gamecube18th - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    You don't have to beat Snowhead, no. You can melt the entrance to BigGoron's shop with a fire arrow and he'll give you the test even when Snowhead is snowed over.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

    XTApocalypse - 7 years ago

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  1. Well... you never get a "licence" as an item. It's more of a verbal "okay." To confirm if he "okayed" you with Powder Kegs, go to the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town and try to buy a Powder Keg from the Goron. If he says "no" then:

    1) Go back and make sure you blew up the rock that's blocking the entrance to the Goron Race Track (up the ramps where Tingle is, on the way to Goron Village).

    2) Make sure you beat Snowhead Temple first. That might be a requirement to the Powder Keg (I don't officically know if this is correct because I always got the Power Keg after completing that duengon.)

    That's all I can think of... if that doesn't work then I honestly do not know. Sorry.

    User Info: Ghost_Akira

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  1. You don't actually earn an item from him, he'll just acknowledge you as being able to carry a Powder Keg responsibly and he'll let you buy more from him for the rest of that cycle. I think you have to go through the test again every time you reset time, but I'm not certain.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

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  2. All you have to do is pass his test and talk to him one more time. You will then be able to buy Kegs from the Goron in W. Clock Town for 50 rupees. The test is a one-time problem.

    User Info: 123omegamk2

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  3. Majora's mask resets every time you play the song of time. So once you play the song, you reset to day one. So if you go to the Powder Keg Goron, he will still insist on you taking the test. However, since you KNOW you passed it (because it's in your inventory, with a zero for quantity), you can purchase one (the maximum) from the Goron in the bomb shop. You must be wearing your Goron mask in order to purchase or use Powder Kegs.

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  4. If you are in goron form he will sell you a powder keg if you're not carrying one already.

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  5. Beat the ice temple and go to goron village and there is a cave the was frozen in winter. go in to the cave and a big goron in the cave talk to him and he will give you a powder keg {as a goron} pick up the keg and run out side exit the village and out side of the village there is a steap hill throw the keg up the hill and a big rock is in the way throw or drop the keg and wait for it to explode the the baby goron will run in the cave and in the cave is a goron racetrack beat the race track and get gold powder to make your sword stronger. take it the the smith. go back to goron village and the goron will give you a keg. now the you can use one at the bomb shop in clock town the goron will sell you a keg.

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  6. The only step you missed is winning the goron race. Win that and THEN talk to the big goron.

    As a side note, when you win the goron race you get a new bottle filled with gold powder. If you're on the second day and got your sword sharpened by the smith the first day you can now go back and make your sword get permanently sharpened with the gold dust. If you didn't get your sword sharpened on the first day, play the song of time and go back to the first day. Then, play the inverted song of time to slow time down. Now, quickly go to the snowhead temple and use the teleporter to quickly kill Goht. Do the whole powder keg mission and win the goron race. If you did all this fast enough you should still be on the first day. Now, make sure you have 100 rupees and go to that little meadow area where you can climb the wall to get to Darunia's tomb and go inside the house in the middle. As a human, have the guys inside sharpen your sword. He'll tell you it only lasts for 100 hits but if you had gold dust he could make it even better. Leave the house and play the song of double time until you're on the dawn of the second day. Go back in and get your newly sharpened sword and then talk to them again. He will prompt you to give him the gold dust. It'll take another day to sharpen your sword but this time it will last forever, even if you go back in time. So, go back outside and play the song of double time until you're on the dawn of the final day. Go back inside and get your gilded sword. The guy will tell you he took the rest of the gold powder as payment so there's none left. But, now you have the strongest sword in the game...or at least in most of the game. You can't get anything stronger until you complete the stone temple. Anyways, go around and enjoy your new sword.

    PS: Don't forget to go back to the big goron and get your license after that little quest.

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  7. I have encountered this exact glitch.

    I successfully used the powder keg to open the entry to the raceway. I entered the race, won it, got my gold dust. I went to sword forger and got the gilded sword. Then went back to the big goron that certifies me for the powder keg license, and he acts as though I still have the initial keg that he gave me and haven't yet opened the race entry.

    If I go to Clock Town, the goron selling kegs informs me I haven't yet been certified. If I go to the big goron, he acts as though I haven't yet blown open the entry to the raceway and still haven't used the first powder keg that he gave me. And again, I opened the raceway, beat it on my way to getting a gilded sword.

    So this is a glitch, it's wrecked my save, I'm not really sure where to go from here.

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  8. Well, if it really is a glitch, and no one has found a fix for it yet, then I guess the only solution is to start a new game. When you do start a new save, make sure the game is all the way in the system. Having the cartridge slightly pulled out causes a certain famous glitch in this game and it may be causing your glitch also.

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  9. You have it alredey just go to the bomb shop talk to the goron as a goronand buy one for 50 rubees
    if you buy it from the big boron it's 100 rubees.If it dose'int work sorry but did work for me.

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  10. You need to blow up the boulder in front of the Goron Race track.

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