Where can I find the all night mask??

  1. I hear theres a all night mask....but iu can't find it

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    tzerue - 7 years ago
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    Thanks...may I know What are all the names of mask there are??
    2. And also where is the garo master in the temple??

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    tzerue - 7 years ago
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    1. Check a guide.
    2. Check a guide.

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    Where is the guide??

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  1. To get the all-night mask, you first need to have the giant's wallet and 500 rupees. Stop Sakon from stealing the old lady's bag on the first night so that Sakon wont have anything to sell to the Curiosity shop on the final night. Since the man who runs the Curiosity shop doesn't have anything to sell, he puts up the mask in desperation. The mask runs for 500 rupees, which isn't exactly pocket change. You can use the following tricks to earn rupees fast:
    (1) Enter the Bomber's hideout, but turn left into the water. Pass a Skulltula and climb up onto a ledge. Use either the Blast mask or a bomb to blow up the cracked wall. Open the chest for a silver rupee (worth 100 rupees).
    (2) Put on the Bunny Hood and get on top of the Milk Bar. Jump to the wall of the city and then to the awning of the Honey & Darling's shop. From there, jump to the town's shooting gallery and open the chest there for a silver rupee.
    (3) Wait until 8 AM on the first day for the Stock Pot Inn to open. Then at 1 PM tell Anju you have a reservation. In the Knife Chamber, the room you get, there is a chest with a silver rupee in it.
    (4) Wait until midnight of the third day and follow Anju into the employees-only room in the Stock Pot Inn. There's a chest in there with a silver ruppe as well.
    (5) Enter the first room of the Ancient Castle of Ikana with either the Garo's mask, Gibdo's mask or the Captain's Hat on. The ReDeads will begin to dance. Defeat the ReDeads and pick up the rupees they drop. They usually leave about 15-20 rupees behind, and when you defeat them all, you'll have anywhere from 60-80 rupees from them. Exit and re-enter the room and they will be back. Repeat until your wallet is full, deposit, then come back.
    (6) If you kill the bird just outside Milk Road, it'll drop a yellow rupee (worth 200 rupees). You can deposit the rupee, come back and kill the bird again for another yellow rupee without going back in time. It takes about 4 or 5 hits with the gilded sword to kill it.

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  1. You can buy it from the Curiosity Shop on the night of the third day. There MIGHT be a requirement, such as not thwarting Sakon's robbing the old woman of her Bomb Bags on the night of the first day, but I'm not positive.

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  2. To get the All-Night Mask you need to save the old lady from the thief in North Clock Town at 12 AM on the first day, then go to the Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town from 10 PM on the third day so you can buy it for 500 rupees.

    For the location of all the other masks you can check here:

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  3. After u stop Sakon from robbing the old lady on day one on day 3 it will be on sale for 500 rupees in the Curiosity Shop

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