What is the easiest way to obtain the mirror shield?

  1. What is the easiest way to navigate the Bottom of the Well? Also, what items should i bring, other than the magic beans, and the blue potion to make it easier?

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    LOZMMIsBest - 5 years ago

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  1. You actually don't need the Blue Potion for the shortest route. I believe you can make it through with the following items: 5 Magic Beans, 10 Deku Nuts (optional, you can easily get them inside the well), 10 Bombs, and a bottle of Milk (not Chateau Romani, but regular milk). Also, make sure you have one other empty Bottle with you. In the first room, give the Gibdo the Magic Beans and go through the door. Get a Fish from the pool on the left and continue to the two doors in this room. Give the Deku Nuts and the Fish to the correct Gibdos; if you didn't bring Deku Nuts, give the Fish to the other Gibdo and go through his door, then turn right to find a bunch of Deku Babas to kill. Either way, go through the Deku Nut Gibdo's door and give another Gibdo the Bombs. Go through his door and defeat and catch the Big Poe. Go back two rooms and go through the door where you gave the Fish to the Gibdo. Go straight to the next door and give the Gibdo the Big Poe, then go through to the next room and give the last Gibdo the Milk. The next room has the Mirror Shield.

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