How do i get into the desert temple??

  1. When im in the Ikana city i cant figure out where to go.
    I have the Ikana mask, will that help me?
    Also, how do u get the song needed to get into the temple?

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    rwfc04 - 9 years ago

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  1. First, there is no Ikana mask. You need to get the mummy mask which is in the music box machine. Hopefully you have the Song of Storms from the graveyards so you can get the water running. Bomb the house, sneak into the house when the girl is out, and play song of healing on the dude in the closet.

    Then, you need to enter the "Under the Well" along with numerous items such as water, bugs, magic seeds, deku nuts, milk, and other items. Use your mummy mask to talk to the mummy dudes and give them the items. There's a useful map that tells you the shortest route through. At the end of the Well, you get the Mirror Shield.

    Using this mirror shield, beam through the light block and complete the mini dungeon of the Ikana Castle. At the end, you find King Ikana of some sorts with his two minions. Fire arrow the blinds, beat them up, and shine light on their remains. The King teaches you the Elegy of Emptiness which creates clones of whatever character you are in. Deku is too light, Goron for the big switches.

    Go to the tower and use the songs while getting the switch sequence correct. Then you can finally enter the temple.

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  1. Ikana mask? Are you talking about the Garo or Gibdo mask?

    Have you done the part under the well and gotten the mirror shield (need Gibdo mask)? If so you need to do Ikana Castle, where your goal is to get though the big door straight in front of you to get the song you need to progress (of course, to open the door, you must first solve various puzzles in the rooms to the right and left first).

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  2. there is no Ikana mask. soar to woodfall and in front of the swamp tourist building, buy 5 magic beans from the business shrub. now soar back to Ikana and do the underneath the well part. i'm pretty sure you can get everything else you need from under the well. bring at least 10 bombs and 10 deku nuts as well. do all that and get the mirror shield at the end. then you will enter a mini temple, complete it along with the miniboss and you will learn the song.

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  3. When you get to stone tower you must play the song in goron, zora, n regular link n use the hookshot to get to the top. But when you get into the temple u must go through the door on the left n u must have the stone mask so those poes wont keep attacking u but when u kill them they come back in about 2 seconds. When after beating the king of the castle with the light trick well there are 4 curved shaped mirrors in the temple the longer u have the light on the mirror the longer u will have to complete the light transfer but remember u have a limited time on the mirrors so use that time when u take the light of the mirror but when u get to the room that u get the light arrows u will face the garo master u have to dogde his jump n forwad attacks i just used the fire arrows to beat him when u beat him this is the word of advice he gives u listen carefully before u get the light arrows "the earth will be born in the heavans n the moon will be born on the earth" meaning u are going to be upside down when u hit that big red emblem u c before u go in to the temple.

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  4. I say raja helped you alot thank you but he means how you get the song ok as you get to the king make sure u have magic and fairys now asap take out the fire arrows then shoot the curtains then fight the guards i know a trick whip out your breman mask then play they follow u take it off attack repeat reflect the light beam then you fight the king
    now hes harder and that trick doesnt work so u got to fight him after u make it disapper look at the speech so funny then the king tells you his real self then he says i grant you a solider with no heart then he teachs u elegy of empitness and look at rajas guide

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  5. Oh yeah srry if i keep on but the light is forever i fought the guards for a long time the king doesnt put down the curtains

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  6. You could of found the answer in a FAQ page.Find and search it in all the FAQS.

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