What colors match up with the specific pieces of the triforce?

  1. I'm thinking power is red courage is green and wisdom is blue can anyone confirm that?

    User Info: RavenMHF2

    RavenMHF2 - 8 years ago

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  1. More specifically,

    Red = Din = Power (Think Din's Fire and Ganon[dorf])
    Green = Faeore = Courage (Faeore's Wind and Link's Green Tunic)
    Blue = Nayru = Wisdom (Nayru's Love and Zelda)

    I agree - this doesn't have much to do with MM at all.

    User Info: Rho421

    Rho421 (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. Green = courage
    Blue = wisdom
    Red = power
    so yea you were right
    other than that this really isnt the game for triforce talk because majoras mask has nothing to do with the triforce

    User Info: Tomaden

    Tomaden - 8 years ago 1 2

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