How do I get past Snowhead?

  1. I am clueless.

    User Info: ZackJ47

    ZackJ47 - 8 years ago

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  1. First, go to the Goron Village and find the Lens of Truth, use it to see the ghost of Darmani and follow him to get the Goron Mask and some Hot Spring Water. Now go to the lake and find a snow ball with the frozen Goron Elder inside, use some Hot Spring Water to unfroze him (there is a grotto close to there with Hot Spring Water) and then talk to him, now go back to Goron Village and enter the Goron Shrine using Goron Link's pound, once inside, talk to the baby Goron and return to the lake to talk again with the Goron Elder, he should now teach you the Lullaby intro, go back to the Goron Shrine and play the intro to the baby Goron to complete the song. Now go to the mountain pass and use Goron Link's roll to get through it, finally, when you reach the temple, play the Goron's Lullaby to get into the Snowhead Temple.

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    ---Nintendo--- (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 0

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