Where can I find (magic beans)?

  1. The bean seller does not actually give me beans at clock town or southern swamp?how do you get him to believe you know how to use magic beans?

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    Jboydude - 8 years ago
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  1. In order to buy Magic Beans from the Deku Scrub Salesman in the Southern Swamp, you must buy at least one Magic Bean from the Bean Seller in Deku Palace.

    After passing the two deku guards when entering Deku Palace, there are two pathways you can take. If I remember correctly, the left path leads to a Heart Piece, while the right path leads to a hole where you will find the Bean Seller. Buy a Magic Bean, and remember to bottle some fresh water. You can even test out a Magic Bean in a nearby patch of soil immediately after buying one to earn some rupees.

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