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    Glitch FAQ by Anju

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    Version 1.2
    Last Updated 2/4/01
    Brought to you by the wonderful folks at the Majora's Mask Board
    Glitch Explanations by: dvdmth
    Submitted by: Anju
    This is a list of glitches found in Majora's Mask. The following 
    glitches have been tested, and should work. The ones I have tried have 
    worked on my Collector's Edition cartridge. This isn't a complete list, 
    but it does have several fun-to-try glitches.
    Happy Glitching!  
    G L I T C H E S
    This glitch is not too hard to perform--once you've done it a few times.  
    Until then, you may have to struggle through until you get it just 
    right.  Go to Ikana Canyon and head to where Sakon the Thief has a 
    hideout, which is said to have "impenetrable security."  Well, forget 
    the sign next to the stone door, because the hideout can be penetrated 
    without Sakon's help.  Notice how a narrow crack is visible between the 
    door and the wall surrounding it.  Approach this crack on the right side 
    of the door (I never succeeded on the left, so I'm pretty convinced it 
    must be the right side unless someone can account otherwise).  Run 
    towards it, then roll right before you make contact.  If the proper 
    angle is used, you should go right through the crack.  Note, however, 
    that this alone does not guarantee access to the hideout.  If you hear 
    Link jump as he goes behind the wall, hold LEFT on the Control Stick in 
    an attempt to steer him into the doorway of the hideout.  Failure to do 
    so will result in falling into a void below which happens to contain 
    water (at about the same level as the river itself).  As you hit the 
    water, the screen will fade as if you wnt out of bounds, then you will 
    reappear wherever you entered Ikana.
    Once in the hideout, you will find it empty on the first two days.  If 
    you step on the switch, the alarm goes off and the door opens, as 
    normal.  The door on the conveyor belt also goes up; however, unless you 
    stay on the switch for a few seconds, the conveyor belt itself will not 
    start up.  When you step on the switch a second time, the cinema plays 
    that shows the door opening, as if you were going to switch roles from 
    Link to Kafei.  However, you remain as Link, since Kafei is absent at 
    this time.  By performing a Goron Roll, you can reach the next room of 
    the hideout without the door squishing you (which results in being 
    ejected from the hideout).  Once there, you can move a block onto the 
    switch, after which you will see the cutscene when Kafei tells Link to 
    check out the room that just opened.  Link will now be on the first 
    switch of the hideout.  From here, you can proceed to the room with the 
    single Deku Baba and kill it, but you must do another Goron Roll to 
    enter Kafei's side of the hideout in order to reach the next switch.  
    That is as far as you can go in the hideout, however; you cannot 
    penetrate any farther into the impenetrable security.
    On the third day, however, Kafei will be in the hideout, and you can 
    proceed to finish the whole ordeal as normal, with the exception that 
    Kafei will be wearing the Keaton Mask (provided you did nothing on the 
    sidequest).  Note that this is not a shortcut to finishing the 
    sidequest, since you never gave Anju the Pendant of Memories, thus 
    making Anju flee for Romani Ranch.  (If you did not know, it is possible 
    to forget giving Anju the pendant and still help Kafei get the Sun's 
    Mask back.  Doing this triggers a different cinema at the Stock Pot Inn, 
    since Kafei returns to find an empty room.)
    (Note:  Glitch does not work in European (P.A.L.) versions of the game.)
    To perform this glitch, you must first enter Sakon's Hideout on the 
    third day.  It doesn't matter whether you go through the sidequest or 
    use the glitch above, but the glitch method is preferred sinceit gives 
    you more time to take advantage of the glitch.  Have Link put on any 
    non-transformation mask (except the Keaton Mask, should you use the 
    glitch method to enter the hideout).  Make sure Fierce Deity's Mask is 
    NOT on a C button.  When control switches to Kafei, pause the game and 
    assign FD's Mask to the same C button that had the mask Link was 
    wearing.  When control returns to Link, he will put on the new mask and 
    transform into Fierce Deity Link (Oni Link)!  From here, finish the 
    hideout so that you're back outside in Ikana Canyon.  After Kafei runs 
    off, jump into the river and swim downstream (to your right).  You 
    should end up in the Southern Swamp.  From there, you can go on to 
    Termina Field and do whatever you want as Oni Link.
    This glitch does NOT require the glitch above, since you can use Oni 
    Link in boss battles.  While Oni Link, you can use an empty bottle; 
    however, his swing is interrupted by the game's tendency to 
    automatically draw Oni Link's sword whenever he has it put away.  
    Therefore, you can never execute a full swing UNLESS you repeatedly 
    press the C button.  By doing this, Oni Link should occasionally 
    complete a full bottle swing before taking out his sword.
    Normally, while Oni Link, you are not supposed to use any other 
    transformation masks (let alone other items).  However, while Oni Link's 
    swimming, the Zora Mask becomes available.  Use this to transform out of 
    Oni Link and into Zora Link, thus enabling you to escape the Oni Link 
    glitch above without dying or resetting the game.  Note that if you wish 
    to experience this without performing the FD glitch, simply go battle 
    Gyorg and use that water source to execute the bug.
    Enter Sakon's Hideout on the third day.  After Kafei steps on the switch 
    and triggers everything in the hideout, take out your hookshot, hold C 
    and Z at the same time, and sidestep onto the switch.  The game will 
    freeze when control switches back to Link.  Note that the glitch can 
    also be performed in other rooms of the hideout, though you'll probably 
    want to set a bomb to kill the last enemy so that you can get the 
    hookshot ready.
    In Sakon's Hideout (again), on the third day (again), enter the door at 
    the very beginning, but before the cutscene starts, rapidly press the C 
    button with the ocarina assigned to it.  You have to press it at the 
    right time, but you can cause the game to freeze as it tries to get the 
    ocarina ready when the Kafei cutscene is supposed to go on.
    After performing the glitch to use Oni Link in Termina, you can talk to 
    most people just fine and experience no queer behavior.  However, there 
    are exceptions.  Talking to shop owners or the Bomber kids will freeze 
    the game, while talking to the Bomber guarding the observatory will 
    produce an empty message box.  The same applies to the astronomer in the 
    observatory.  Weird.
    Before performing the FD glitch, plant and grow a Magic Bean Leaf just 
    outside the observatory (where you got the Moon's Tear).  You also need 
    to give the password to the Bomber guard and pup the balloon in the 
    respective cave.  Now you're set.
    Normally you cannot leave Clock Town as Oni Link once you get in.  The 
    guards, though they talk as if you were normal Link, don't let you pass 
    even after talking to them.  Therefore, you must rely on the speechless 
    Bombers' secret hideout to escape.  After walking past the Bomber guard, 
    head on into the cave.  You'll have to do some trickery, but you should 
    be able to get through this really narrow section of the cave at the 
    beginning.  Perform a Spin Sttack, then roll forward.  This should let 
    you go a certain distance.  You may have to repeat those steps several 
    times before you finally squeeze your way out into the main part of the 
    cave.  Walk through the water, then use a jump-thrust to get back on 
    land at the other side (may not be necessary, but it helps).  Bypass the 
    skulltula (kill it if you want), then use the ladder in the next room to 
    reach the observatory.  Exit through the door and use the Magic Bean 
    Leaf to escape to Termina Field.  It sounds involved, but it isn't that 
    much to do, and it can help if you mess up and want to use Oni Link 
    outside of town after you go in and do not wish to spoil another 3-day 
    cycle to do so.
    In Sakon's Hideout (man, this place is really glitchy, huh?), when you 
    first control Kafei, walk into the next room but stop in the doorway.  
    The camera should advance into the next room, revealing the Sun's Mask 
    being stationary on a moving conveyor belt!  The mask does not start 
    moving until you fully enter the room and watch the cutscene that 
    follows.  Note that if you glitchfully entered the hideout on a 
    different day, you'll find the Sun's Mask frozen in one spot for good.
    If you try to use the FD trick to put on the GIANT's Mask, you will find 
    that doing so causes Link to shake like mad, freezing the game.  The 
    effect is pretty cool to look at, though.
    Note that if you are using the Lens of Truth or have no magic power when 
    trying to put on the Giant's Mask this way, the game will repeatedly 
    buzz at you until you switch of the Lens of Truth or switch the Giant's 
    Mask with a different one.  Link never actually puts on the mask, 
    though, under these conditions.  Switching off the Lens of Truth causes 
    the same freeze mentioned above.  You cannot use any C items or your 
    sword until the conflict is resolved, so in order to switch off the Lens 
    of Truth, you must pause the game and switch that item with another, 
    thus taking it off the C icons and disabling it.
    Sometimes, while in Sakon's Hideout as Oni Link, if you touch a door 
    while it's opening the game will think you were crushed and send you 
    outside as normal Link.
    Another Sakon's Hideout blooper, only this one's just a visual trick.  
    Normally when a door is open you cannot see the door at all, since it is 
    concealed in a wall.  However, if you're in one of the chambers of 
    Sakon's Hideout on either side of the conveyor belt, you can look up and 
    see all open doors near the (black) ceiling.  The doors have borders on 
    the top, left, and right sides, making it seem like it's still "closed" 
    but up in the air.  Again, it's just a visual effect, nothing more.
    Go to a mailbox in Clock Town.  Make sure Link is holding either the 
    Hookshot, Bow, Great Fairy's Sword, or possibly other items (note that 
    bottles do not work).  While Link's holding on that item, check the 
    mailbox, and try to send the same item Link's holding.  The mailbox will 
    refuse, naturally, but the item disappears.  You can then use the 
    invisible item all you want, as long as you're in the same region of 
    Clock Town and don't tak to anybody or put away the item.  The effects 
    of using the various items differ.  The strangest effect comes from the 
    Hookshot, which will first fail to shoot at all, then shoot off and 
    never hit anything, regardless of how close or far you are to a wall or 
    other obstacle.
    Press Start many times in a row (like more than 50 times).  As the game 
    pauses and unpauses, time passes very, very slowly, yet nobody is 
    allowed to move.  After a while, stop unpausing and follow some 
    character on a schedule, like the Postman.  When he's supposed to be at 
    a door, mailbox, whatever, he will suddenly teleport to the spot where 
    he should be and do his thing.
    Walk up to a (vertical) wall until you can go no farther forward.  Hold 
    up on the Control Stick and press A to roll.  Right before Link gets up 
    completely, press C Up.  With proper timing, you can look right through 
    the wall and see what may or may not be hidden behind it.  If you use 
    this to see through to the other side of a doorway and someone goes in 
    or out of that door (particularly in the Stock Pot Inn), that person 
    will disappear right after the door closes.  (This glitch also works in 
    Ocarina of Time and may come in handy when disproving Triforce rumors in 
    that game.)
    16.)  ROLL IN PLACE*
    Roll right into something (like a wall), then keep pressing A afterLink 
    collides with whatever you hit.  If you're lucky, you'll see Link roll 
    in place without any sound, sometimes more than once in a row.  (This 
    glitch also works in Ocarina of Time.)
    Go to the Laundry Pool as Zora Link in Clock Town.  While swimming, use 
    your shield to hit the doorbell.  Kafei will answer, but he will walk 
    through the door, which will open and shut out of sync with Kafei's 
    movement.  The gltch happens again when Kafei retreats to his house.
    18.)  SWIM IN THE AIR
    As Zora Link, go to Great Bay.  In the second (southern) region of the 
    bay, you'll see a Like Like not far from shore.  Kill it, then walk in 
    the water at that spot (works in other areas too).  As soon as you start 
    swimming, press A and steer to shore.  When you get there, hit A again 
    and head out to sea.  If done right, you can get Zora Link to swim in 
    the AIR above the water.  By continuously tapping A, you can get Zora 
    Link to go even higher in the air and even over the sides of the region.  
    Note that you must keep tapping A rather than holding it down, since 
    doing the latter will cause Zora Link to glide gradually down to earth.
    Go to Zora Hall and talk to the sound checker as Zora Link.  Then play a 
    note on the guitar to get the guy to adjust the volume.  Now switch to 
    another form of Link (deku, goron, or normal) and play your instrument.  
    It should now sound like a guitar.
    20.)  LOUD DOOR*
    After the same sound checker adjusts the volume UP, go to a door and 
    open it.  The sound of the door opening will be quite lous indeed.  (A 
    similar effect may also occur upon turning the volume DOWN, but I never 
    tried that.)
    21.)  MUSIC AT NIGHT*
    Go to Snowhead and beat the temple.  Now make it night and head to the 
    Goron Shrine.  When you come out, you will hear the overworld music even 
    though it's night time!  In fact, as long as you stay on Snowhead, when 
    dawn comes the music will continue to play as the DAWN OF THE whateverth 
    DAY message appears.
    While in the inner gardens of the Deku Palace (where you avoid the 
    guards), play the Song of Double Time to make it NIGHT.  Upon doing 
    this, you should hear the music change to that which you hear when near 
    an enemy in, say, Termina Field, but this time it happens when you're 
    near a Mad Scrub inside the palace! (Note that this does not happen 
    unless you use the Song of Double Time, and the time must go from Day to 
    You might want some Chateau Romani before executing this.  Go to Zora 
    Cape (where the entrance to Great Bay Temple is) and use Ice Arrows to 
    form icebergs.  As a Deku, hop from iceberg to iceberg, and you can 
    explore these murky waters without being sent to shore!  You can even go 
    beyond normal bountaries this way.  (Note:  This does NOT work in other 
    parts of Great Bay.)
    In Great Bay Temple, ther's this big water wheel in the second room of 
    the temple that moves the water in the rest of the temple.  There are 
    two turnkeys that control the direction of the water--if both are set a 
    certain way, the water wheel stops, but at the same time you cannot 
    enter the rest of the temple...or can you?
    Leave the wheel alone for now.  Go through the temple, and find some 
    door (any door) you can go through by pressing A to Open.  After going 
    through such a door, return to where the water wheel is, then move the 
    appropriate turnkey to stop it.  Now switch to a Goron and jump into the 
    water.  Doing this will warp you to the door you last went through.  You 
    are now in the main part of the temple, with the water wheel stopped.  
    Yet the water is still moving as if you did nothing!  Return to the room 
    with the water wheel, and the thing's still stopped!!
    Go to Stone Tower and beat Twinmold.  Use the warp to leave the temple.  
    Now return to Stone Tower, either on foot or by using the Song of 
    Soaring.  Either way, once you're about to resume control of Link, the 
    tower will suddenly turn upside down!  Normally, tthe tower is supposed 
    to change back to its normal state when you leave the area, but by using 
    that warp in the boss arena, you overcame that behavior, thus activating 
    this glitch.
    Enter Honey and Darling's shop and pay to play.  Walk to the edge of the 
    platform, then turn around to face the two dancers.  When there's about 
    1 second left, hold Z and move Link off the platform.  He should grab 
    onto the edge.  If done right, the B button will go blank by the time 
    you resume control of Link.  Pay to play another game, but this time 
    jump off the platform at the start.  Now the Ocarina is on the B button!
    There are two known ways to get your sword back on the button (note that 
    you never lose it; it's still in your inventory).  The first is to let 
    the Takkuri in Termina Field steal it, then buy it back in the Curiosity 
    Shop.  The second is to simply mount Epona, then get off.  Obviously, 
    the latter is preferable unless you don't have Epona yet.
    After getting the ocarina on the B button, head to the swordsman's 
    school and play the expert course.  While playing the ocarina, the game 
    continues to proceed.  You can even play, say, the Song of Soaring and 
    Soar out of the place while things are still going on.  Even stranger is 
    the fact that the verious icons onscreen (like hearts and the magic 
    meter), which are normally hidden from view while playing the game, 
    appear as you play an ocarina song.  Better yet, keep out the ocarina 
    when the game ends.  After the guy tells you to start from the 
    beginning, you can neither put away the ocarina nor pause the game.  
    After you finish playing a song under these conditions, the game freezes 
    on the last note.
    If you received Anju's letter the first night, she will continue to 
    manage the inn during the second day.  Around noon she goes to the 
    kitchen, as normal for her.  While there, she talks about the afternoon 
    guest that's supposed to arrive that afternoon.  Only problem is, that 
    guest arrived the day before!
    This may or may not be a technical gltch, but it certainly doesn't look 
    very normal.  While a Deku, Goron, or Zora, play your instrument while 
    holding the L button down to stop any animation from happening.  (Note 
    that doing this prevents you from playing any songs and having them 
    registered by the game, but that part isn't a glitch.)
    When taking out your instrument, if you play the first note too early, 
    you may hear it sound, but the game will not recod it, thus preventing 
    you from finishing the song without starting over.
    Go to East Clcok Town and get the 100-rupee chest at the south end.  
    Walk east far enough so that you can jump off the ledge, then do so at 
    an angle so that you land on the misslde of the stairs below.  Doing 
    this will cause Link to fall through the steps as the scene changes to 
    South Clock Town.  (Note:  If you land on the left or right side of the 
    stairs, the glitch will not usually work.)
    32.)  FLY INTO A VOID*
    After giving the Moon's Tear to the Deku Scrub in South Clock Town, dive 
    into the flower as a Deku and take off.  Head towards the nearest 
    entrance to West Clock Town, and continue pushing towards it until 
    you're low enough to go under the ceiling of the "tunnel."  As you go 
    through, you will appear in a void behind the pathway, then suddenly 
    fall as the scene finally decides to change to West Clock Town.
    Go to the Laundry Pool or Southern Swamp, where you find a frog.  You 
    can actually nudge the frog wherever ou want by merely moving towards 
    it.  By doing this, you can get the frog to fall into the water.
    Get Oni Link inTermina Field.  On the west side, there are a couple of 
    fences.  Oni Link can climb on top of one of these (though not the one 
    blocking you fron entering Great Bay).  While on the fence, Oni Link 
    gets hurt.
    Go to Deku Palace with the Deku Princess at hand.  Enter the room with 
    the Deku King.  Shortly after entering, take off the Deku Mask to become 
    normal Link.  You should immediately be caught and thrown out of the 
    palace.  If times right, the Deku Princess will tell you what she 
    normally says inside the Palace, even though you're no longer there.
    Also, if you do not press A to advance her dialogue while in the palace 
    and proceed to let her out of the bottle, then press A before the King 
    reacts, her dialogue may be messed up, but will vanish when the King 
    Sonetimes when Gibdos screech at you and halt you in your tracks, they 
    may decide to screech numberous times in a row.  Not sure if it's a 
    glitch or not, but the Gibdos of OOT often did the same.  Strangely, 
    ReDeads don't seem to have this behavior.
    Go to East Clock Town as Deku Link (this is most useful before you get 
    the ocarina, but can be done at any time).  Go to the east gate, where 
    the guard stops you.  Work your way up to the guard, as far left 
    (towards the Milk Bar) as possible.  Now turn, facing away from the 
    guard, and hold Z while pulling back on the Control Stick.  You may have 
    to do it a few times to get the angle right, but Deku Link should start 
    running at full speed, slowly but surely squishing by the guard and out 
    into Termina Field.  If you are in the Field prematurely (before having 
    the ocarina), the enemies will be gone, and there will be no music.
    Not exactly a glitch, but an annoyance.  When fighting the miniboss of 
    Great Bay (the one that holds the Ice Arrows), walk up to it and slash 
    the eyes repeatedly.  The game will seemingly slow to a crawl as you hit 
    each eye.
    Also, when fighting the miniboss in Stone Tower (the one that holds the 
    Boss Key), a similar effect happens if you go slash alll the keese.
    Place a Bomb, face away from it, and raise your shield.  You don't get 
    hurt from the explosion, even though the shield isn't protecting your 
    back! You can also protect yourself from Blast Mask damage by raising 
    your sheild before you explode.
    As Zora Link, hold B and release to send off a set of boomerangs.  Right 
    after they're in the air, take off the Zora Mask, then quickly put it 
    back on.  You can now throw another set of boomerangs, even though the 
    first set hasn't come back yet.  Thus, you can have 4 boomerangs in the 
    air at once.  When the first set returns to you, you can reuse them 
    before the second set returns, thus keeping 4 in the air.  You can 
    continue doing this as long as both sets of boomerangs don't return 
    before you get a chance to throw them.
    In Sakon's Hideout, you must be either a Deku, Goron, Zora, or Oni Link 
    (via the glitch) for this to happen.  Put any items you want on the C 
    buttons, then, while controlling Kafei, switch the items around or with 
    different items.  The items states will reflect what USED to be set, not 
    what they currently are.  For example, if you're a Goron and have the 
    Ocarina on C-Left and the Hookshot on C-Down, initially the ocarina 
    would appear normal, while the hookshot would be greyed out.  Now, let's 
    say you paused while controlling Kafei and switched the Ocarina and 
    Hookshot.  When you unpause, the Ocarina will not be greyed out because 
    the game's greying items based on what USED to be set to those buttons.  
    Since the hookshot was where the ocarina now is, it is greyed out as the 
    hookshot is supposed to be.  Meanwhile, since the hookshot is now on the 
    button originally assigned to a usable item (ocarina), the hookshot 
    appears normally, not transparent.  Note that the item states are 
    correctly reflected once control switches back to Link, and there's no 
    way to take advantage of this and use the wrong items in the wrong 
    In case you didn't know, the Blast Mask can be used while swimming.  
    After performing the glitch to get the ocarina on the B button, it 
    normally greys out when you're in water.  However, if you wear the Blast 
    Mask, the ocarina does not go transparent when you're swimming.  
    However, this does not mean you can use it in the water; pressing B 
    under these conditions has no effect.  Ah well, it was worth a try.
    As either a Deku or Goron (doesn't seem to work as a Zora or as normal 
    Link), yake out your instrument, then press B to put it away.  
    IMMEDIATELY after pressing B, hit C-Up to go in first person mode.  If 
    done right, you can see the instruments while in First Person mode.  
    Leaving this mode, however, makes the instrument disappear.
    Leave Clock Town through the north gate, then head northwest and jump 
    down to the snow below.  Somewhere around here is a musical staff with a 
    song on a wall.  Stand right in front of it, facing it, then take out 
    your instrument.  You may have to change to a different form of Link 
    and/or move around, but you should be able to get the camera behind the 
    wall.  Under these conditions, you can actually see the music notes, and 
    they look like they're in mid-air.  Just another visual effect.  (Rumor 
    has it if you get it just right, the camera will go to just the right 
    spot and show nothing but the yellow from one of the notes.  I can't get 
    that to happen, however.)
    45.) SEAM WALKING 
    Go to the east part of Termina Field, and on the right side of the 
    Entrance that leads to Ikana Canyon, you should see a seam. Walk into 
    the seam to get yourself stuck, and swing your sword every time you want 
    to move higher. Make sure you line yourself up with the seam as you move 
    Enter the Bombers hideout, then leave as Darmani (Goro-Link) All you can 
    see is white, but if you keep pushing up, youll be in Clock Town! 
    After giving the "concert" in the milk bar, talk to Gorman. Now talk to 
    Toto while wearing the bunny hood, and you will start running around 
    spastically. (I have heard of other versions of getting this glitch, but 
    this one seems the easiest) 
    Normally when you have the Bremen mask on, you can't use your sword, 
    because the march command is there instead. But if you are just entering 
    a new area if you press B quick enough link will swing his sword, and if 
    you hold it down he'll charge his sword as he normally does. And his 
    sword stays out until you use another item or march. I've only tried 
    this in clock town, but I did find out it doesn't work leaving the 
    laundry pool. 
    Go to the barn at Romani Ranch. As Zora Link, climb up the left side of 
    the barn (there should be a small alcove that Zora Link can climb) and 
    look into the roof of the barn. If you look down into the barn, you'll 
    see a bunch of grey nothingness.
    Enter the Laundry Pool as Oni Link. Right as you enter, you should be 
    able to climb up the wall to the left. Follow the wall to see what's 
    beyond the boundaries of the Laundry Pool... nothing! Jump into the 
    void, and it will look like Link has jumped into water, and he will 
    reappear at the entrance to the Laundry Pool.
    In Termina Field, before the entrance to Great Bay, there is a small 
    pool of water with a chest in it. On the ledge above the pool, there 
    should be a fence. Go along the fence to where it meets the wall, and 
    stand with your back against the wall. Do a backflip, and Link will do 
    his spastic jumping thing. WARNING! You'll get stuck and have to reset 
    the game!
    In the beginning where you first enter Clock Town, turn around and push 
    each door back a little. Then pick up the dog and throw him through it. 
    He will not come out (until you exit) but you can still hear him 
    Go into the house (not the barn) at Romani Ranch and go upstairs in the 
    door. Get on the blue dressing table by the blue bed. Now jump off the 
    table onto the shelf (you have to sort of diagonally aim this one) using 
    the Bunny Hood. Jump towards the red topped shelf and you will float on 
    the ceiling until you hit the wall or press back on the control stick. 
    It reminds me of the little handle bars to the treehouse thing from Home 
    Note: Oni Link is another name for Fierce Diety Link.
    C R E D I T S
    First, I would like to thank everyone at the Majora's Mask Message Board 
    for all of their insight in the glitch finding process.
    Big Huge Oni Link Thanks go to dvdmth for compiling this list and for 
    just plain being cool. (The glitches with the asterisks * are ones that 
    he has found himself) Note: this doesn't mean he was the FIRST to find 
    all of these, but he has definitely found them.
    Thanks to perfectdarklink for the Seam Walking glitch.
    Thanks to Crovax for the Walking and Not Walking glitch.
    Thanks to Mars for the Oni Link hurt by fence? glitch.  
    Thanks to Wicked Souls for the Kafei goes through door (aka Phantom 
    Kafei) glitch. 
    Thanks to stephenw87@email.com for the Spastic Bunny Hood glitch.
    Thanks to The Ham for the See Through Walls glitch.
    Thanks to Lilbmxer for the Have Sword While Wearing Bremen Mask glitch.
    Thanks to Stephen Waguespack for the Nothing in the Barn, Nothing Behind 
    Laundry Pool and Spastic Jumping Link glitches.
    Thanks to TornadosD for the Get Rid of Dog in Clock Town glitch.
    Thanks to Zack Zack for the Floating Link glitch.
    Thanks to MasterAshKetchem for the Enter Sakon's Hideout at Any Time 
    There are also several "Unsung Heroes" who have found glitches, but have 
    not received proper credit that they deserve. If you feel that you are 
    one of these people, please email me as soon as possible. I want you to 
    have credit for your fine work!
    If you have any questions/concerns/comments or another TESTED glitch to 
    add (I'll test it myself), feel free to email me at:
    I am pretty good at responding within 24 hours! I am a full time 
    student, so I may not be able to update the FAQ as often as I like. I 
    will try to update it on the weekends! 

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