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    Empty Bottle Guide by Nemesis

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                   This document Copyright © 2000 Nemesis™. All rights reserved.
                     The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Empty Bottle Guide
                                     {Fat-Free™ Version}
                            Written by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                                        Version 1.00
                                     Table of Contents:
                                  01. Empty Bottle Locations
                                  02. Copyright Information
    01. Empty Bottle Locations
    #1: Defeat the Skull Kid on top of the Clock Tower in South Clock Town, then
        head to the Southern Swamp area near Woodfall, and enter the Woods of
        Mystery. Follow the monkey to Kotake the witch, who needs some red
        potion for energy. Leave the Woods of Mystery, and speak to Koume inside
        of her Potion Shop, and get the Red Potion in a bottle for Kotake. Give
        the Potion to Kotake in the Woods of Mystery, and you will be allowed
        to keep the empty bottle!
    #2: To get this bottle, head to the Romani Ranch after 1AM and around 2AM
        on the First Day, and speak to Romani, the ranch girl, then follow her
        into the barn. Now, leave the barn, and wait for the UFOs to come from
        the sky, and shoot them down with your Hero's Bow until Dawn of the Second
        Day, and she'll give you some Chateau Romani inside of a bottle!
    #3: To get this bottle, defeat Goht, and the entire Snowhead Temple. Afterwards,
        the entire Goron Village and Mountain Village will become normal again,
        and the snow will have melted. This will open up the path in Goron Village
        that leads to a Biggoron who sells Powder Kegs to Gorons, so enter there
        as Goron Link, and take the Powder Keg from him. Now take it to the entrance
        of Mountain Village, and up the hills and place it in front of the large
        boulder blocking the Goron Races, near the small Goron. It will blow
        up, allowing you to enter the Goron Races. Enter the race, and win the
        race to get some Gold Dust, which comes in a Bottle!
    #4: To get this bottle, you must have beaten the Great Bay Temple, and have
        defeated Gyorg, the boss of this Temple. Once this is done with, head
        onto the shore with the Skulltula House and the Fisherman's Hut, and
        head to the right of these two houses, and through the hole in the
        cave, and to the other side, onto the next beach. Continue along the beach,
        past the Zoras, and until you reach a large piece of wood that you can
        climb onto in the sand. Head onto it, and hookshot your way to the platform
        above you, the one with the palm tree on it, and use the palm tree as
        a target for your hookshot. Now continue to do this for all of the palm
        tree platforms in this area, until you reach a hole in the wall near a
        waterfall. Enter it to be in Waterfall Rapids. Once here, dive into the
        water as Zora Link, and talk to the beaver at the floor of the water.
        He'll ask you if you want to race for a Empty Bottle, so agree. Now
        you only have 2 minutes to swim through 20 rings underwater (swim through
        the ones that are spinning, and stay close behind the beaver), and if
        you do this in under 2 minutes, the other beaver will then challenge
        you. Now you have to swim through 25 rings in under 2 minutes. This
        is a bit more challenging, but nothing you can't do. After doing this,
        the beavers will give up, and give you an Empty Bottle.
    #5: To get this bottle, complete the massive trading sequence to reunite Anju
        and Kafei up to where you have to deliver Mama's Letter, then deliver
        the Letter to Mama in the Milk Bar while wearing Kafei's Mask, and she'll
        give you a Bottle with Chateau Romani!
    #6: To get this final bottle, enter the Ikana Graveyard on the Final Day after
        6PM, and enter with the Captain's Hat. Now tell the Stalchildren to
        open the grave they are dancing around, and enter the grave. Inside, you
        will find Dampe, and he's looking for the buried treasure. To get this
        treasure, you'll have to lead his SLOW ass to each of the 6 dirt patches
        down here. There are 5 on the ground, and the last one is on top of
        a pillar near a ladder. To lead Dampe up here, simply lead him onto
        the brown platform that moves, then climb up the ladder on the other
        side of the area to meet him up on the dirt patch. After he's dug up
        all 6 dirt patches (3 of them will reveal parts of a poe...), a
        Big Poe will come out, and you'll have to fight it. To beat it, simply
        block his spin attack, then when it stops, shoot it with an arrow,
        then do a 180 to spot the Poe again, and repeat until it dies. Now
        a chest will be revealed, and inside is an Empty Bottle!
    02. Copyright Infomation
    ©  Copyright  2000  Brett  "Nemesis"  Franklin. This FAQ and everything
    included  within  this  file  cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or
    form  (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on
    a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited
    and  unaltered  format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes
    (even  if  no  money  would  be  made  from  selling it) or promotional
    purposes.  It  cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It
    cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase
    as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
                                                          Copyright © 2000 Nemesis
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