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    Moon FAQ by whiz kid

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           / THE LEGEND OF ZELDA:  \______________                 
     _____/ MAJORA'S MASK: MOON FAQ   Version 3.0 \______________________________
    /                                                                            \
                                FAQ Written By: whiz kid
                      Copyright 2000-2001 Sean Handwerk (whiz kid)
     _____/  TABLE OF CONTENTS   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     I. Introduction 
       A. To the moon!
     II. The Moon
       A. Be prepared!
       B. Quick walkthrough
       C. Odolwa Dungeon
       D. Goht Dungeon
       E. Gyorg Dungeon
       F. Link Dungeon
     III. Final Battle
       A. Getting there
       B. Majora’s Mask
       C. Majora’s Reincarnation
       D. Majora’s Wrath
     IV. End Game
       A. The End
     V. Miscellaneous
       A. Update Info
       B. Copyright Notice
       C. Credits
    ________________________________________/ I. Introduction \___________________
     _____/   A. To the Moon!    \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Hi there. As I said before, this FAQ has been written for the sole purpose 
     of covering the game’s final stage: The Moon. If you want to know about 
     other areas of the game, you could e-mail me, or even better, read a FAQ of 
     the complete game. There are several excellent ones out there to read.
     This FAQ goes into detail about the Moon’s four dungeons, as well as how to
     beat the final boss. If there is anything here that is unclear/incorrect, 
     please feel free to contact me. 
     Now, the first thing is getting there.
     To reach the Moon, you will need to beat each of the four temples and 
     defeat the guardians there to get their masks. It is optional (but highly 
     recommended) to have all 20 normal (not transformation) masks before 
     heading off to the moon. On midnight of the final day once you have all 
     the masks, enter the clock tower and play the Oath to Order. Watch the
     scenes that unfold, and then you will be on the moon.
    ________________________________________/  II. The Moon   \___________________
     _____/   A. Be Prepared!    \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Before coming to the moon, it is always good to have a full inventory. Get 
     at least 10 hearts on your life meter, get 4 bottles filled with fairies/red 
     potions, and a bottle of Chateau Romani, which gives you infinite magic 
     power. Also try to have the upgraded quiver maxed out with arrows.
     _____/ B. Quick Walkthrough \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
      Here’s a brief walkthrough of what to do on the moon:
     1. Talk to the child wearing Odolwa’s Guardian Mask
     2. Give him one mask to warp to the dungeon
     3. Transform into a Deku Scrub
     4. Dive into the flower and jump to the stationary platform on the right
     5. Launch to the spinning platform, to the next stationary platform
     6. From there, jump to the next spinning one, avoiding the spikes
     7. Jump to the platform in the back right corner to get a Heart Piece
     8. Go back to the spinning platform and reach the back left corner
     9. Go through the door, talk to the child, and give him one more mask to 
        exit the dungeon
     10. Talk to the child wearing the Goht Mask
     11. Give him two masks to go to the Goht Dungeon
     12. Transform into a Goron and smash the pots to get Magic power
     13. Roll off the platform, off the ramp, let the chests bounce you, keep 
     14. Land on the platform with Heart Piece and collect it
     15. Roll off the ramp and onto the bridge near the gazebo
     16. Walk around the warp pad and roll off the ramp straight ahead to land 
         on the snow platform
     17. Go through the door, talk to the child, and give him two masks to 
     18. Talk to the child wearing the Gyorg mask and give him three masks to 
         warp to the Gyorg dungeon
     19. Transform into a Zora and dice into the water and in the tunnel
     20. Go left, right, left and left to reach the Heart Piece
     21. Dive into the tunnel ahead to warp back to start
     22. In the tunnels again, go left, right, left and right
     23. Go through the door, talk to the child and give him three masks to leave 
         the dungeon
     24. Talk to the child wearing the Twin-Mold Mask
     25. Give him four masks to be transported to the Link dungeon
     26. Go through the door and fight and defeat the Dinofols
     27. Go through the next room to fight the Garo Master
     28. Defeat him, hookshot to the chest and open it to get arrows
     29. Go through the next room to fight Iron Knuckle
     30. Beat him to get Bombchus
     31. "Bombchu" the crack in the wall and reveal a switch
     32. Shoot it to make a ladder appear; climb it to enter the room with the
         Heart Piece
     33. Take it and "bombchu" the crack in the ceiling to make a frozen switch 
     34. Shoot it with a fire arrow and go through the door to meet the child
     35. Give him your last four masks to warp out 
     36. Talk to the child sitting next to tree wearing Majora’s Mask to get the 
         Fierce Diety’s Mask (Only if you’ve beaten all four boss dungeons).
     37. The child will warp you to the final battle
     38. Fight Majora’s Mask in three stages
     39. Beat it in its third stage to win the game!
     40. Wow! You’re done! ;)
     _____/  C. Odalwa Dungeon   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     To reach this dungeon, talk to the child wearing the Odolwa Mask. He will 
     ask you for a mask. When you give him one, you will be transported to the 
     When you enter this area, equip your Deku Mask and transform in to a Deku 
     Scrub. Use the flower on your platform to launch yourself into the air. 
     Land on the platform on the right. (The one with a gossip stone.) Now you’ll 
     have to time your next jump to land on the rotating platform. Dive into the 
     flower, and wait for a platform to reach about a 90-degree angle from you,
     and launch. You should be able to get yourself over the moving platform.  
     Press the A button right before it spins under you to land on it. Dive into 
     the flower there, and wait for the platform to align itself with another 
     platform. This one also has a gossip stone. Now you have to land on the next
     set of spinning platforms. This time it’s a little trickier, as a second
     spiked platform rotates over the first one. Dive into the flower, and once 
     again wait until the moving platform is about a 90-degree angle from you. 
     When you land, IMMEDIATELY dive into the Deku Flower in order to avoid being 
     pushed off. The first platform this spinning one aligns with is one with a
     heart piece, so land there to claim it. Use the flower there to leap back to 
     the spinning platform again. Now wait for you to align with the next platform. 
     (There are two trees in front of it.) Launch yourself over the tree branches 
     to land on the platform. Go through the door to meet the child wearing the 
     Guradian Mask. Talk to him, give him one of your masks, and this dungeon is 
     _____/   D. Goht Dungeon    \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Talk to the child wearing the Goht Guardian Mask. He will ask you for two 
     masks this time. Give them to him, and he will take you to the dungeon.
     All right, to be honest, this dungeon can give you fits. You’ll need to do 
     some precision "steering" in order to get through. When you enter, wear your 
     Goron Mask to become a Goron. Smash the pots nearby if you are in need of 
     magic power. If you face out into the chasm, you will see a long, straight 
     platform there with a ramp at the end. That can only mean one thing... The 
     dreaded GORON JUMP! Stand against the wall, curl into a ball, and roll 
     toward the ramp, in as a straight as line as possible. When you launch off 
     the ramp, you will see two open treasure chests, but don’t stop to sightsee. 
     Instead, use them as a "bumper" to bounce off of. You will bounce off and go
     straight off another ramp and into more chests. These will bounce you toward 
     a series of jumps. Make sure you’re going straight, and align yourself in 
     the air as necessary. After the three jumps, you’ll hit another pair of 
     chests and be sent flying to the right. After sailing off the ramp, continue 
     rolling and you’ll find some green jars with which to replenish your magic 
     power. Next, you’ll find a turn. As you roll into the turn, bank sharply to 
     quickly align yourself with the next ramp. After leaving the ramp, you will
     land on another platform and another turn. Take this one more shallow, or 
     you’ll sail clear off the edge. Take this S turn to hit another ramp. Keep 
     rolling to find a trio of magic jars. Just beyond them is another turn. Take 
     it carefully and you’ll be faced with a long, narrow stretch. Take this as 
     straight as possible, and jump off the ramp there. When you land, you will 
     almost immediately go off another jump. You hit a platform with more of 
     those chests, and use them to bounce to the left. You’ll sail of another 
     ramp onto a large platform. 
     At this point you can (finally!) stop your roll. Continue forward to claim 
     the heart piece there. Now go and smash the pots on the platform to recover 
     your magic power. Face forward to see yet another jump. Roll into the ramp, 
     (you’ll have just barely enough space to get enough speed) and you’ll land on 
     a bridge. Stop your roll and walk across the bridge to reach a gazebo with two 
     gossip stones and a weird swirly thing in the middle. Do NOT step on it, as it 
     will warp you back to start. Instead, go around it, and you’ll see another 
     bridge with a ramp at the end leading toward a snow platform. One last roll 
     will get you there. Go through the door, talk to the child, give him two more 
     masks, and you’ve beaten this level!
     _____/   E. Gyorg Dungeon   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Find the child wearing the Gyorg mask and talk to him. He’ll ask for three 
     masks. When you give them to him, you’ll warp to the dungeon.
     Compared to the last dungeon, this one’s a piece of cake. Wear your Zora 
     Mask and transform. Dive into the water and swim. The current takes you here, 
     so you’ll be moving pretty fast. As you swim along in the tunnels, you’ll 
     reach several different forks. Go left, right, left, and left and you’ll
     emerge in a room with a gossip stone. Look behind it to find a heart piece. 
     Swim through the tunnel and warp back to the first room. Dive into the 
     tunnels again, but this time go left, right, left, and right. You will come 
     to the room with the child in it. Talk to him, give him three more masks, and 
     ta-da! You’re done! Easy, huh?
     _____/   F. Link Dengeon    \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     This is the last one! Find the remaining child (wearing the Twin-Mold Mask) 
     and talk to him. You’ll have to give him four (ouch!) masks to advance to 
     the dungeon. In the first room, smash the pots to get any items you might 
     need, then proceed through the door. In the first room, you’ll fight a 
     DINOFOLS: Z-target it and hold up your shield. When you get close to it, it 
               will try and slash you with its sword. Block it with the shield 
               and retaliate with your own sword quickly. It will then breathe 
               fire, so backflip out of the way. Repeat this process until
               Dinofols falls to advance to the next room. 
     Go through the door to find a room with a gossip stone. Go through the next 
     door to once again fight the Garo Master. 
     GARO MASTER: While Z-Targeting, hold up your shield. When he lunges to do 
                  his sword attack, back off and he’ll disappear. He’ll try to 
                  land on top of you, so quickly run forward. When he lands, 
                  slash him on the back. Also, if you dodge his sword attack, he 
                  will be temporarily stunned, so you can run up and slash him. 
                  Repeat until he’s defeated. 
     A chest will appear on the ledge. Hookshot up to it to get some arrows, then
     proceed through the door. Run past the gossip stone and through the door to 
     fight Iron Knuckle.
     IRON KNUCKLE: If you still have it, equip the Bunny Hood for this fight.
                   As always, Z-Target him and get close. Immediately backflip 
                   away to dodge this guy’s ax. If it hits you, it will do 
                   between 5-7 hearts of damage, so watch out. When he gets his
                   ax stuck in the ground, run up and slash him with your sword.
                   After a few hits, his armor will fall off. He moves slightly
                   faster now, so watch out. Continue this pattern and 
                   slash-and-run :) until Iron Knuckle is dead. 
     A chest will appear on the ground. Open it to get Bombchus. If you look at 
     the wall on the right side of the room, you will notice it is cracked. Face 
     the opposite wall and set a bombchu next to it and it will run up the wall, 
     across the ceiling, and blow up as it reaches the crack. Shoot the target 
     that appears to make a ladder appear. Climb up it and proceed to the next 
     When you enter, a shiny new heart piece awaits you on the floor. Take it. 
     Now if you look up at the ceiling, you will see another crack on the center 
     tile. Stand in the corner of the room and launch a bombchu at the oppisite
     corner. It should run up the wall and explode near the crack. Shoot a fire
     arrow at the frozen eye to open the door. Talk to the child and give him 
     the last four masks to exit.
    ________________________________________/  III. Final Battle  \_______________
     _____/   A. Getting there   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \     
     When you’re ready, talk to the child sitting by the tree wearing Majora’s 
     Mask. If you’ve beaten all four dungeons on the moon, you will receive the 
     Fierce Deity’s Mask. If not, you will just proceed to the final battle.
     As you enter the arena, your four guardian masks will fly out and take 
     positions in the wall. When this happens, Majora’s Mask flies out and the 
     battle begins!
     _____/   B. Majora's Mask   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \   
     Majora’s Mask seems to have grown several tentacles. It will fly around the 
     room and occasionally dive at you. Hold up your shield at all times, and you 
     should be fine. When you get a chance, shoot it in the back with an arrow. 
     It will be temporarily stunned, so run up and slash it with your sword. 
     After a few hits, the four guardian masks will fly out and attack you with 
     energy balls. You can shoot these down with arrows, but I recommend saving 
     your arrows for later. There’s another way to do this. Majora’s Mask will 
     launch a fire-type laser beam at you. Use your mirror shield without 
     Z-Targeting to reflect the laser back. Aim it at one of the masks to damage 
     it. When all four masks fall, reflect the laser back at Majora’s Mask. After 
     enough damage, round two begins...
     _____/ C. Majora's Reincarnation  \_________________________________________
    /                                                                            \   
     Majora’s Mask will grow some skinny arms and legs in this stage, enabling 
     it to move around the room very rapidly. It will dance (believe it or not) 
     around the room stopping occasionally to throw a rapid barrage of energy 
     balls at you. At this point, there are two methods you can use to slay the
     beast, method 2 being easier than the first:
     METHOD 1: Use your shield to deflect the energy balls, but you probably 
               won’t be able to deflect them all. When you get near to its legs, 
               slash it with your sword to knock it down. Quickly run up to it 
               and hit it with your sword. 
     METHOD 2: This one is much easier than method 1. Use your Goron Mask to turn
               into a Goron. Now roll into a spiked ball and chase Majora around
               the room. You can easily dodge his energy blasts this way, and you
               only need to nail him once to stun him. You'll bounce back pretty
               far however, so roll up to him and remove your mask. Quickly 
               slash him while he's still stunned. Put the mask back on. Rinse 
               and repeat.
     When Majora takes enough damage you will enter the final stage of the battle.
     _____/  D. Majora's Wrath   \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \   
     This is the final stage, and it can be easy or hard. It’s easy if you have
     plenty of arrows or the Fierce Deity’s Mask... even easier if you have both! 
     In this part, Majora will get "pumped up". It’s arms and legs grow bigger, 
     and it gets an ugly head to boot. It’s main weapon in two gigantic whips, 
     which extend the whole range of your Z-Targeting range! Use your shield to 
     block the whips, and when you get a clear shot, shoot Majora with an arrow. 
     If you don’t have any arrows, you’ll have to try to get inside the attacks 
     and slash Majora’s legs. Either way, this will temporarily stun it, so run 
     in and give it a quick slash or two with your sword. Beware getting too close 
     to it, even if it’s stunned. It recovers quickly, and even though its whips 
     don’t do much damage, they will hit you multiple times. And it’s also hard 
     to escape the range of the whips once they knock you down, so be careful. 
     When Majora is almost defeated, it’ll start launching these spinning spiked 
     tops at you, which blow up after a while. Keep on the move and hit Majora 
     with an arrow (or slash it) when you get a chance. One or two more hits
     will end the battle.
    ________________________________________/  IV. End Game   \___________________
     _____/      A. The End      \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     After you beat the mask, it’s body will blow up, sending the moon out into 
     space. Depending on whether you got all the masks or not, the ending may 
     vary slightly. I won’t give away the ending though, you’ll have to watch it 
     for yourself ;)
    ________________________________________/ V. Miscellaneous  \_________________
     _____/    A. Update Info    \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Version 3.0 (09/15/01) - Added an easier method of dealing with the second
                              phase of the final battle. Completely re-formatted
                              this FAQ.
     Version 2.0 (11/10/00) - Added the “Quick Walkthrough” section, as well as 
                              re-formatted the ToC yet again.
     Version 1.5 (11/09/00) - Fixed some formatting problems (hopefully!) in the 
                              Table of Contents.
     Version 1.0 (11/08/00) - First writing of the FAQ. All dungeons and final 
                              boss covered here.
      This FAQ has been written to exclusively cover in detail the final area in 
      Zelda: Majora’s Mask and its dungeons and bosses.
     _____/ B. Copyright Notice  \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
      This document Copyright 2000-2001 Sean Handwerk. All rights reserved. This
     document may not be copied, in whole or in part, and printed in a magazine,
     forum, book, or anywhere else without written consent of the author.
      If you would like to use this FAQ on your website, please contact me at
     whizkid@nintenodfact.com. It may not be altered, edited, placed inside a 
     frame, or anything else that would alter its content / appearance.
      If you use this FAQ as a basis for your own work, you do not need
     permission, as long as the author is given credit.
     _____/     C. Credits       \_______________________________________________
    /                                                                            \
     Nintendo - For making this game
     CJayC - For posting this FAQ
     You - For reading it
    Thus endeth this FAQ. You can stop reading now.      © 2000-2001 Sean Handwerk

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