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I'll need a lot more than three days to list all the reasons this game is so awesome.04/20/09Anclation
This would've been better than Ocarina of Time if it wasn't for the glaring flaws07/15/09cyberhoodlum
Nintendo, you've spoiled us rotten.07/25/05MSuskie
Now I know how Bill Murray felt in Groundhog's Day. Majora's Mask is just as tedious and repetitive.01/28/08Tarrun
We have all the time in the world. Or not.04/26/10007Ganondorf
Great, but not as great as Ocarina of Time08/14/06andymancan1
Control time in a whole new way in this odd yet intriguing Zelda title.08/15/11Archmonk Iga
So much to do, so little time...11/13/06Arkrex
Here We Go Again...07/01/03Baradur
I play this game from Morning 'til Night08/18/09bloo_dude64
It may not be perfect, but it's my favorite 3D Zelda and terribly underrated in my opinion.01/07/09Calamity
Legendary... again...11/09/03Centurion
A Good Sequel to Ocarina of Time that could have been improved08/23/07Darkdoomsday
Take off your mask and see the greatness that is Majora's Mask... before the moon crashes.05/28/08Dawngarde
Majora's Mask is truly a double-edged sword.08/01/06Destination
If I could turn back time...09/09/04discoinferno84
What a blast... Let's go again! *plays song of time on ocarina*12/17/07DJ X2Z
Wow, this is really unique!10/21/05Dub26
A Majora's Victory01/04/10EJRICH
Yet Another Amazing Zelda Game05/25/05FishTaco64
One of the best games of all time and my favorite Zelda game11/27/06funkedchicken
One of the best games ever02/06/12gameaddict51
Beauty within the face of misunderstood darkness08/01/05Gbness
Originality? In a N64 Zelda?02/20/07ice beam
A worthy sequel to Ocarina of Time06/12/17James00715
The underrated Zelda that deserves to see a "Dawn of a New Day"07/24/14Kevgamer302
Though it divided the Nintendo fanbase, 'Majora's Mask' should not be ignored11/29/11Kimari
A great sequel to a golden game. Majora's Mask reflects the genius of Ocarina of Time, but it does not surpass its greatness.08/01/08KingContributor
Strap on Majora's Mask05/16/05Light_Inside
A fantastic addition to the Zelda series02/26/07Link165
Don't look Twice at these Bash Reviews07/11/05MajorasWrath
Here's one Zelda fanatic who was not disappointed at all03/10/02Mariner
Dark, moody, and twisted. A terrific new direction for the Zelda series.07/24/06me frog
The world of Termina is a dark and scary place.02/24/05Megaman1981
This game walks in Ocerina of Time's Shadow, but it has a shadow of it's own.01/07/09minimyme
A beautiful, fresh, Zelda Game08/14/03mmLink24
Another Zelda game lives up to Zelda standards...08/08/05Msterchief
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.05/15/14nastynate3118
I can't even look at Ocarina after playing this07/24/07Nightmare827
A great addition to the Legend of Zelda series, the best N64 game ever, new story, and the greatest game I've ever played thus far!11/25/06Obeliskos
"Lets milk Zelda fans!!!"01/10/11Ofisil
An interesting experiment for the Zelda series that some will like and others will hate.02/14/05Phediuk
An excellent sequel to Ocarina of Time08/16/04plasmabeam
Ocarina of Time 2: The Sequel01/26/12RageBot
Messed up big time? No worry, just go back in time and redo it!01/05/10Rikashi
Uh, where is Zelda?04/18/05Shivan Reincarnated
Taken the less traveled route to paradise11/14/11sneggid
Majora's Mask puts on a lot of masks of excitement and frustration, boredom and discovery10/02/08SuperSmashBro13
Playing Majora's Mask is Redundent... But Still Awesome.06/16/09TakerVersion1
Link takes yet another bizarre journey.08/10/09Tenshi No Shi
Time isn't on your side01/30/08terrisus
I haven't played this game in 2 years. I still remember it vividly, its *that* good.04/27/03TheSuperBaconPirate
The Thinking Man's Legend of Zelda08/07/08TheWindWarrior
In a break from epics, the Zelda series is touched by absolute beauty.01/07/05Tricoteur
One of the best Zelda games ever.04/28/09TripleJump
Game of the decade? Not really but I understand why some love this game.09/05/13Zylo the wolf

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Pure Magnificence. Ignore the Haters.05/27/08Icepick884
The Zelda series will always be one of the most respected series in video gaming history.10/28/00AmanDK64
Horribly frustrating and terribly boring, I can`t believe Nintendo made this.10/23/06Braben
Best Nintendo 64 game ever...09/09/03ChaosStalker87
Great Expectations02/04/04DarkLink715
Link is back in a different but sweet Zelda game.01/20/04DarkLink89
Outshone by its Predecessor02/11/04Firestorm88
In many ways better than the game that preceded it.08/11/08ghangiskhan1
: If you want to play the same exact game, be my guest and buy this game.06/15/02IceyHail
Majora's Mask underappreciated as the Best Game of All Time!07/03/04johannhowitzer
A below-average Zelda is still a classic10/30/00Kutulu
This Zelda, by any other name, would get poorer reviews04/24/03Lady Celes
One word - Wow.05/30/04Lokoe
Quite possibly the best Legend of Zelda game on the market.08/04/08Murk
A masterpiece, and one of my favorite games of all time.03/23/03n fan
Another great Zelda game10/21/08PentiumMMX
This game is a (cruel) joke!06/28/04PinKirby
Very cool, but like all games, has downsides.06/06/08pttoler
Three Days Grace09/01/09Reaper115
Wow...all i can say is wow.10/26/00red13n
"Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure. These feelings have vanished from our hearts." - Ikana King05/22/12SuperGamecube64
Just pretend Ocarina doesn't exist for a moment. Majora's Mask deserves some credit, too.06/11/10UltimaterializerX
A very dark and disturbing game, but it is another area in which Nintendo excels.03/02/12unclehosh
The best game of all time!07/28/04wilbur0960
Zelda MM Should have 10's all the way!!!08/14/02XtremeGundamX
You Have 3 Days to Save the World...Can you do it?09/25/01ZeldaGuy

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I REALLY didn't like this game, and I'm probably the only one too.10/26/00ajnrules
One heck of an expansion Pak.09/04/02AlexDT
Compared to TooT, this game is disappointing11/11/00BeamerXL
Probably one of the best Zelda games I have ever played.07/09/08BenhTheMan
What a GAME!10/25/00BrainDog
Quite the dark Zelda game03/19/12DarkMark42
As good as it gets!11/26/00Harvest Monster
One of the most epic and most fun games Ever!!!!04/13/09helmer1234
A sweet, but not perfect game11/03/00Helostrom
Quite possibly the best Zelda game yet!10/24/01Jedinortdog1
A Different, But Epic Zelda Title04/01/11jimmybiceps
A game worthy of the name Zelda.10/27/00JPeeples
Just played and beat this game for the first time this year. Is it good by todays standards? YES!01/31/11JuanZolo
Amazing game... Better than OoT06/29/09LA_Angels_rock
Side story? Yeah, this games has lots of those. Zelda has returned.11/09/02LegendaryFrog
Not one of the best,but still a good game.10/29/00Lynx111
This game is a real disappointment for Zelda fans.10/31/00magumba
Not as perfect as Ocarina of Time but it's still one of the best N64 games ever.11/06/00Master LL
Better than Ocarina of Time11/10/00MasterReviewer
What happened Nintendo?11/06/00moncho
In my Opinion, Better than Ocarina of Time.12/11/08N_The_Elite
Great Game06/12/09Naked Snake
The Darkest and Most Mature Zelda game is well worth your Wii Points07/07/09peach_zelda
OMG THE BEST GAME EVER-no. Better than OOT- YES01/05/10randomBK
Good..... Nah. Perfect!!11/21/00Silverado
Groundhog's Day: The Game11/28/07TheDarkCrusader
You'll be mentally damaged beyond repair within ten minutes, guaranteed!07/19/11ThePenguin56
Prime example of overrated03/23/17TheWolf27
A worthy successor to Ocarina of Time.09/26/07Watcher19
Game of the Decade01/04/11Xman490
A quick, brief, and logical review that explains why this game competes with modern and popular Nintendo titles . *~*SPOILER FREE*~*08/24/09Yorutaun_

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