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Reviewed: 08/23/07

A Good Sequel to Ocarina of Time that could have been improved

Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is another great Nintendo 64 game. It is the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time and a great Zelda game at that. This is another one of those games that strayed from the series to improve it. They actually put a time limit on Link's quest to save the world. They also used masks that transform Link into whatever race or form of the mask. Majora's Mask is one hell of a game and definitely deserves the Zelda classification. Despite it's high praise Majora's Mask could have had some improvements to make it a better Zelda game. Like every other game, Majora's Mask has its ups and downs. Get your controller ready, some popcorn or a snack, and prepare to enter the magical world of Termina, where you must save the world in three days before the town is crushed.
I know that if you are a true Zelda fan, you will love this game no doubt about it. It has a good difficulty level, a lot of replay value, things to find, puzzles to solve, and bosses to defeat. With these unique features that are continually going strong since 1986 or 1987. Enjoy the game because it is very good.

Story 10/10
This game had a great story. Though it was a sequel to Ocarina of Time, it mostly took place away from the events of Ocarina of Time. Link is searching for his lost friend Navi when he is ambushed in the Lost Woods by two fairies and an imp wearing a mask. After having Epona and his Ocarina of Time stolen, Link charges after the criminal and ends up being turned into a Deku Scrub and trapped inside a parallel world called Termina that will be crushed by the gaze of a menacing moon in three days if Link does not do what he is assigned to do. You basically have to go through this world and get back Majora's Mask which is in possession of the Skull Kid. He is your main protagonist for the game rather than Ganondorf which is a nice change. It's good that Nintendo switches things up a bit and periodically throws in new antagonists other than Ganondorf. Also, the whole Triforce Triangle story has been dropped completely as Link sets out on a new adventure. Using a new fairy partner and a couple of masks and items, Link must save four people and challenged the Skull Kid to an epic fight. This is truly a golden story and much better than a lot of the repeated Triforce Triangle we've been hearing about. It also contains a lot of challenging puzzle solving and great and epic boss battles.

Controls 10/10
Ah, nice simple controls to complement a golden game. No seriously, these controls are so easy, that a caveman can do it. You use the A button as your basic everything command which can be viewed by following what the A button says on the screen, B is your sword and cancel a choice button, R is your shield button, Z is your Z Target and looking ahead button, the left, right, and down C buttons are your items, the up C button is to talk to Tattl your fairy partner, and the Start button is to access the menus and save. They may sound like a lot of overwhelming controls, but when you get right down to it, it is a piece of cake and will definitely not give you a problem. I assure you that the controls are in no way difficult and shouldn't even give you a problem. So this is the basic operations and controls of the game. Not to bad if you ask me.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are amazing and compare favorably to the graphics in Ocarina of Time. The fields and landmarks are really realistic and actually feel like it is like a real river or swamp. Great graphics, however to me, these graphics didn't appear as colorful to me as the scenic beauty of Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask just appeared a bit darker and not as colorful as the Ocarina of Time provided. Still, the graphics can be compared favorably well to that of Ocarina of Time, which is why the graphics of this game score such high points. This game has great graphics that will draw you into the game and make you feel as if you are actually there. Mainly, the graphics are based off of things you would normally expect to find in the areas. For example, when you go to Great Bay, you'll find blue ocean water and that nice sandy beach before it. When you go into the swamp, you see all types of plants and algae growing around the place with murky water. The Snowhead Mountain is a giant mountain with snow on it. Being able to replicate things that you would naturally find in these areas in real life is what is so perfect about these graphics. It's almost as if a piece of our world was added to the game.

Tunes 10/10
Once again, the classic tunes make an appearance with the mix of fresh new tunes. I love that in a game. I love how you get new tunes that rock and then you get the classic tunes which amplify the sound capacity to perfect. Every single tune picked out for each area/dungeon/boss battle was appropriate for that part of the game. For example, when you enter the Woods of Mystery, you hear the classic Lost Woods theme because the Woods of Mystery is identical to the Lost Woods. Nearly every single classic tune that was found in previous Zelda games plays at the exact same parts as the others in this game. For example, in Legend of Zelda, every time you walked around the field, you would hear the classic Zelda Theme. Well in this game, whenever you are in any part of Termina Field, you hear the classic Zelda Theme playing. Almost all Zelda games relate when it comes to classic tunes being played in the same location. Great tunes to complement the graphics.

Gameplay 9/10
This is where the bulk of the fun comes into play with Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. You will experience hours of enjoyable content and awesome gameplay. You basically get to explore the four compass directions of Termina Field, which is your main town that the game is focused on. Every time you get to an area of Termina, you must help NPCs and defeat the evil bosses that lurk in the four temples to restore the lands you visit to their original form. A good thing about this game, is that there is so much to do before completing a temple or objective. You can't just waltz right into the temple and kill the boss. First, you must help the NPCs by doing different stuff for them in order to access the four dungeons of Termina. This gameplay is so amazing, but it's far from perfect. There are two main things that I don't like about the gameplay. First of all, it is way too difficult. I like a challenge, but a lot of parts were near impossible to complete and were just aggravating and annoying at times. They could have tweaked the difficulty a bit to make it a tad bit easier than what it was. The second problem I have with the gameplay is it is too short. Sure you'll get hours for doing all of the explorations and sidequests, but I mean four dungeons? That is way too short. They could have thrown in some more dungeons and areas to explore. Despite the four areas being well done and beautiful, I felt kind of limitted to the four areas. I think they could have definitely made the gameplay a heck of a lot longer. Despite these two flaws with the gameplay, it is still a great game and should definitely be given a chance.

Replay Value 10/10
This has got to be the Zelda game with the most replay value. My goodness, this game is filled with replay value. This game is not too long, but not too short either, which means it won't be a problem to want and beat it again. Not to mention all of the sidequests and extras including pieces of heart, minigames, upgrades, mask collecting, Bomber's Notebook troubles, and more. This game is filled with replay value, and I bet you'll want to play this game again. This is definitely the Zelda game with the most replay value.

Overall 8/10
This game was very good and a great sequel to Ocarina of Time, but they could have made some major improvements to it to spice up the game a little bit. I am giving this game a 8/10 because it can't rightly receive a 10 as much as I want to give it that, but I can't because they had two major flaws with the game that needed improvement. Also, the graphics could have been a little bit brighter. Oh well, no game can truly be perfect.

This game is definitely worth a purchase. If you do not have a Nintendo 64 to play it on, then definitely get the Collector's Edition to play it on. If you don't have a Gamecube, you should definitely download it off of Virtual Console for the Wii. This game is gold no matter what system you play it on and should be treated as thus. This game is definitely one of the best Zelda games. I would rank it in the top 5 Zelda games. This game is not worth a rental. That option should not even be considered for a wonderful game like this. Majora's Mask is very enjoyable and deserves a seat on your gaming shelf.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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