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"Wow...all i can say is wow."

Well about 2 years ago Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released and was an incredible game that just about everyone who played it loved. It was an incredible as most Zelda games are with great gameplay, a fairly decent story, great graphics for its time, and a incredible amount of fun. Then two years later the surpasser of Ocarina of time comes, the Legend of Zelda: Majoras mask, another incredible game is released. Now, i will tell you it is so great.

Gameplay: 10/10

Gameplay is always the strong point in every Zelda game. Despite the fact that the controls are basically the same as Ocarina dont think that its not going to be any different from Ocarina. The basic thing in this game is solving puzzles to complete things well fighting enemies along the way, which is the same as in Ocarina, but as a twist you now only have 3 (its actually about 72 minutes) days to complete everything. Dont worry about that too much though, as at the end of the third day you go back in time to the first day, so dont think you have to do anything extremely fast as the game does give you a fair amount of time.And many of the things you do are saved when you return to day 1, but their are a few things that do not, such as most people who have done something the last 3 day interval will be returned to what they were before. However this idea of time may seem to you, it adds challenge to the game, which is a good thing as a few people thought that ocarina may have seemed a little too easy.
Many of the games puzzles also are made up of you having to use a certain mask, some masks link wears are ordinary masks that just change the way people and things react to seeing you, but their are a few masks that change links form, such as the first one which you will get early in the game, the Deku mask, which turns link into a Deku Scrub. Dont worry about the controls when you change as their fairly easy to pick up and you will become accustomed to them within a couple of minutes.


While Link was riding Epona his horse through some woods in hyrule a little while after the Ocarina of time takes place, two fairies appear and scare Epona knocking Link to the floor, which knocks him out for a moment while a figure comes and steals the Ocarina of Time from link. Just after the figure who shows that he is Skull kid takes the Ocarina from Link, Link gets up and the Skull kid runs away with the two fairies and Epona. Link Chases after the Skull kid but when he reaches them Epona isnt their and then the Skull kid turns Link into a Deku Scrub. The Skull kid then leaves with one fairy but forgets the other one. The fairy left behind then decides to go with Link so that it can reach the other fairy. Link then meets a strange man who offers to return Link back to his former self if Link can get the Ocarina back, and also tells Link of an item stolen from him. When link finally reaches the outside he learns that hes notin hyrule, hes in a parrallel universe to hyrule, termina, and theirs a strange looking moon up in the sky.

The story is great and fairly original, it gets very good and will keep you playing the game just to see what happens. I just wonder if theirs some surprise(i dont know though as ive yet to beat the game) in this games story like their was in Ocarina of time with sheik being...uhh...i better not say, who knows if someone reading this hasnt beaten Ocarina.

Audio/Video: 10/10

Though most of the Graphics look almost exactly like Ocarina, everything is quite detailed and just look great.If you thought that Ocarina of time had good graphics you will be amazed at Majoras mask, the game has plenty of color and everything is very detailed. However I believe it is the Graphics that makes this game require an expansion pak.
The music is also great and you will probaly end up hearing yourself humming some of the music in the game. thier are also many sounds such as Link using his sword and making many sounds when he jumps and moves around.

Replayability: 10/10

This game doesnt really need replay value as just playing through and beating the game once makes this game well worth it, but it does have replay value. It already takes a lot of time to complete the game but once you complete it, theirs still plenty to do. Such as collecting all the heart pieices and completing any other side quests that they decided too throw in. I just hope that their isnt anything in here like the running man in Ocarina that cant be beat.

To buy or to rent?

Well see all those scores i gave in all the categories? i bet you can guess what im going to say. But, for those who dont I say BUY. You cant afford not to buy this game. This game is quite possibly the best game ever made. For those of you who dont ever buy this game, i feel very sorry for you, you have no idea what you are missing. This game is just plain great, i cant find anything bad about this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/26/00, Updated 10/26/00

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