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"Side story? Yeah, this games has lots of those. Zelda has returned."

You know, when I finally beat 100% Ocarina of Time, I was sad. The best game I ever played was over. Sure, I replayed it all the time, but nothing was really new. When I heard Zelda “Gaiden” was in the works, well, I was happy. Did Majora’s Mask live u to it’s predecessor? Let’s see.


Majora is one of the four games that REQUIRE the 4meg expansion pak. (The other being Donkey Kong 64 , Perfect Dark, and Dinosaur Planet...all by Rareware.) The quality is a step above Ocarina, but nothing major. However, there are more enemies on screen and more detailed worlds. Some of the best on the system.


The wonderful Ocarina control system is back in Majora. Little has changed here. To call the control something really different than Ocarina is wrong.

The game ends in three days game time. At the end of the three days, you can warp back to the first day and save. You’ll be doing it a lot, and really isn’t that much of a hassle. In fact, it adds to the challenge of the game. Link can also dawn masks that let him change forms and gain special abilities, which is about the only thing Majora does differently that Ocarina gameplay wise..... But hey, contoling Deku, Goron and Zora is is awesome! And each one has specila powers they can use, adding to the gameplay.

Where Majora really shines is the way Termina’s citizens live out here lives, no matter what your doing. Be it exploring the overworld, beating a dungeon, or wondering around town. Some Side Quests can only be triggered at certain times of this three day cycle. Beating the games dungeons isn’t the only things you can do. If you want the best weapons and ending, you need to find everything.

Also, this game is much darker than Ocarina. MUCH darker. Example: *minor spoiler* When you visit a farm, all the cows are gone, a little girl can’t remember who or where see is, the older sister blames herself, and a lone Poe roams the vacant grounds. It’s a little disturbing...

SOUND <9/10>

Good music, but still Midi stuff, like Ocarina of Time. Still sounds good though.

A little disappointment I had with the music is it uses much of music from Ocarina. Sure, it’s great to hear the Lost Woods theme again, but why? If it was in the next generation Zelda, then it would be pretty cool, but not on the same system. The games new tunes are on the same scale as Ocarina, and much darker at times.

The Classic Overworld Theme is BACK!

STORY <10/10>

Link heads off to the Lost Woods to find his missing friend, Navi. Along the way, he is mugged by a Skull Kid wearing a odd looking Mask. The masked thief steals the Ocarina of Time from Link and rides off on Epona. Link gives chase, but he is led into a cave, and falls down a large hole. When he lands, Skull Kid turns him in a Deku Scrub and runs off. Deku Link finds himself in a land strangely similar, yet totally different to Hyrule were the moon is falling and will crash in three days. A whole new adventure begins as Link tracks sown Skull kid and saves Termina from enivitbale doom.

It’s great to see a Zelda game that doesn’t use the “Save the Princess and/or the Triforce” story line.


If the challenging levels weren’t enough, there a dozens of people who have who require you help. This is going to take awhile.


Reusing old tunes. Sometimes the three day cycle gets annoying. Yes, it does add to the challenge, but sometimes you just want to take your time with things. The overworld theme isn’t as interactive as Hyrule Field’s theme. (Meaning, the music doesn’t change depending on what your doing. If a bad guy comes, the music changes completely.)

Nothing really major.

OVERALL <10/10>

It’s hard to live up to Ocarina of Time, but Majora’s Mask did it. Then why only a 10? Is it a better game? Perhaps. It’s hard to tell, I’ve been playing Ocarina for 2 years now. If you want compare it to Ocarina, then give it a 9. Why? Besides from the innotive save, mask and character system, it doesn’t do anything new. But it’s becauseof all that I give it a 10: The same score I gave Ocarina.

If you were disappointed by some things in Ocarina, thinking it was somewhat easy and lacked some of the old Zelda elements, then Majora’s Mask is your saving grace.

On to Gamecube.

-review by Mortis-

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/28/00, Updated 11/09/02

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