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Probably the most hyped, anticipated item in the gaming world besides PS2, ''The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask,'' is finally here. Believe me, it was worth the wait!

The story starts out with Link searching for Navi three months after the fall of King Ganondorf. On the way, his horse and ocarina gets stolen from a Skull Kid and his two fairies. You follow him and get sucked into a parallel universe that has the crisis of the moon falling from the sky down onto the Earth. Interesting, ne?

Actually, the real beauty of the story is the little stuff. Such as using the four guardians' masks to stop the moon from falling. Also, you'll be taking two aliases other than Link, so you'll be in for quite the treat when people talk to you. You'll learn your aliases history, background, etc... However, they're leaning away from the land we all love, Hyrule... I miss Hyrule...

Graphically, speaking, the game truly pushes the Nintendo 64 to the limit. However, it does REQUIRE the Expansion Pak. Well worth it, trust me. It takes a while to actually see the sheer magnificence in the graphics. In the beginning, you'll think, ''Oh, these graphics are the same as Ocarina of Time.'' However, then you'll see water. Oh my, the water. I've got Dreamcast, and let me tell you, the Dreamcast's water ain't got nothin' on Majora's Mask's water!

Now, into the aural portion. Well, quite frankly, it rocks. With Dolby Digital Surround Sound, you'll be in the game. If you have the Rumble Pak... well, you're in for a little slice of heaven.

The control is fairly the same as Ocarina of Time. This is good and bad. The good: the Z-Targeting system is back! The bad: I think we were all hoping for more than just another control re-feature.

This is one thing that cannot be skipped: the sub-quests! HOLY!... well, GameFAQs doesn't allow offensive language in their reviews. ^_^ To make up for the short dungeons (there are only four in the game), they made the sub-quests! There are many masks to collect, and man... you'll be here for a while. You'll also want to collect as many bottles as you can. Now, we have a maximum of six bottles! WOW!

The replay value is incredible! Like any other Zelda game, you'll find yourself playing this game over and over. That is, unless, you hate Zelda... but who hates Zelda? Anyone who hates Zelda raise their hand... didn't think so. With so many masks and items to collect, you'll make a groove in your couch.

Overall, this is a game that cannot be skipped. Forking over the $60 is nothing compared to the satisfaction of owning one of the greatest games in the Zelda series!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/00, Updated 11/02/00

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