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"Very cool, but like all games, has downsides."


The sequel to Ocarina Of Time (O.O.T) was a dissapointment to some, and huge waiting relief for others. I was lucky enough to recieve a Nintendo 64 when I was in preschool, and get O.O.T for free with it. O.O.T was the reason I got involved with the whole Zelda trillogy, and led me to Majora's Mask. Beating O.O.T in Kindergarden convinced me that I could conquer the sequel in no time--WRONG. Majora's Mask is so in-depth, intricate, and complex that I had no idea what I was getting into.


Once again you find yourself (Link), going on another adventure. Leaving Navi (your old fairy from O.O.T) behind, you embark on a journey to pretty much "find yourself" on a "personal journey." Epona also goes with you, but for some reason both of you look like 7 year-olds... Anyway, one day deep in the forest, you get attacked by two mischevious fairies (Tatl and Tael), friends of the now infamous skull kid, wearing the evil Majora's Mask. The fairies scare the horse, which knocks Link off, rendering him unconcious. Skull kid then takes your ocarina, so wehen Link wakes up, he is enraged. Trying to capture the Skull kid, Link gets cursed and turned into a Deku Scrub, a tiny morsal of a creature that can't do anything but hop 5 times on water and blow magic snot bubbles out of his nose.

You finally get your ocarina back, and get turned into a human. Then you have to go around at four cursed different worlds (five if you count the moon), cleaning up after the skull kid's trouble. The first world is the one of the Southern Swamp, cursed with poisonous purple water. You have to defeat Odowla and free the deku princess, rescuing the monkey. This temple, allong with the snowhead, is the most in-depth BEFORE you actually get to the temple.

The second cursed world is the icy world of the Gorons. This temple is comfortably between the difficulty of the easy Woodfall temple and the last two temples. You first have to learn the "Goron Lullaby," an agonizingly long process of going back and fourth a crying baby and a slow-moving gramps. After that, you pretty much kill a goron blowing cold air (and blocking the temple) sitting on snowhead like a recliner. Then you spend about an hour on average completing the somewhat simple temple puzzles, and killing a masked mechanical bull.

The second to last temple (my least favorite), mimmicks the water temple from O.O.T just enough to bring back bad memories. The temple's ridiculously hard puzzles include running across the temple about ten times, activating switches, turing levers to reverse water flow several times, and pretty much just being a pain to complete. Then you face a pretty hard boss called "Gyborg," a giant fish from hell which releases about ten other mini-fish from mini-hell to put up a pretty good fight.

The last temple, inwhich many call the "12/10 in difficulty scale temple," is the Stone Tower Temple. This temple puts up a good challenge for even the most experience puzzle solvers. The main difficulty is the fact that the darn thing is reversable, and you have to reverse it several times to complete it. Thankfully, after the days of agonizingly hard puzzles, the boss is relatively easy to defeat (just slash at the head and tails of the two monsters in your giant form).

The main difficulty of the game is you have three days to complete it. THANKFULLY, after you accomplish something, earn something, or something like those somethings, you can play the song of time to get another set of three days and save. The downside is , you actually go BACK in time, so if you defeat a boss and say, clear the purple waters, the waters are poisonous again when you go back in time. This unfortunate law of time is for all the temples and their post-defeat properties.

The final boss is beaten after you beat four mini-dungeons at the end. If you're wondering what all those 24 masks are for, their for the mini-dungeons. If you're lucky enough to contain mask-collecting skills, and have all 24 masks, you get a special prize--ANOTHER MASK!!! This mask transforms you into a super-hero version of Link, called Oni-Link. It is obtainable after you give one kid 2 masks, another kid 6 masks, and the last kid 8 masks. The kids are all (ecept the emo one sitting under the tree) running around a big creepishly cool tree in the middle of a peacefull place. The last kid (the emo one) will say, "The others, they have all gone." and some other stuff, then , "Let's play good guys against bad guys. Your the bad guys. Bad guys always run. Are you ready?" Then you FINALLY get to fight The Majora's Mask, which transforms 3 times. If you are cool and got the Fierce Diety's mask, which transforms you into Oni-Link, the bosses are easily defeated with your sword alone. NOT obtaining the mask results in some serious pain for lil' link.


If you include the sidequests (which there seems like zillions), Majora's Mask (M.M) has a HUGE storyline that can last almost indefinately. M.M was one of the first 3-D games inwhich the A.I actually had the "I." People actually have their own virtual lives (simple ones, like running around Clock-Town twice a day, or coming and sleeping in the inn on the second day), but still somewhat intelligence.

The side-quests are very in-depth, and for the N-64, the graphics aren't too shabby either. Some things make you agrivated, like the reset of goodness that happens after a temple is completed and you play the song of time. But overall this game has good gameplay, a nice pollished storyline, and sometimes can really get your heart pumping.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/06/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/25/00)

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