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"What happened Nintendo?"

If you were like me and downloades the first movie ever to come in handy of zelda 2 and you simply saw by accident the add about it(and you were a fan of the occarina) you were more than excited and couldnt stop your damn heart(little overeaction, i must confess) but now that the time has come to actually play it you get dissappointed, a lot. What I mean is that you acutally hope for an 11 rated game from a sequel to the perfection of OoT but now you get a pretty good game but not a worty sequel to that wonder of late 98.

Lets get into the game: for starters the graphs are actually great but any true gamer knows that the eye candy is not all. The ram pack(my nick to the expansion pack) is a necessity here and it helps but there are still frame rates slowdowns which sucks in any game. Sound is nice too, actually the same as OoT.

How about the plot? Ok, the skull kid rans away with epona, rescue time, meteor about to crash on earth, three days tò prevent it. Its ok, but too Rpgisky, should have been more Zelda-friendly. What could have been cool is to make a 3d version of Links awaiking but could have drop more than majoras.

What about the masks, cool but like ff series(the newest ones) there are animations and the masks has them but a good point here is that you can skip them so the masks are a point in favor.

Now to what I hated, possibly the only thing I actually hated(the game is good but not what you hope) the almost non existing replay value, i remmember to have started and finished zelda 64 around 6 times but this games holds no competition to replay of tony hawk1-2 but no such a bad point sice there are 72 hours of playing(more than ff7-8 50 hours which are still good) so you will be very tired to play tha game trough again but I even played ff8 two times.

To conclude: you could go and buy this game, you will like it but not as much as OoT but enough to play it and Its a wonderful game but like I said before no what you expect from the first zelda on the 64. If you are a zelda fan I recomend you to download the zelda prview Nintendo released to show of theirs gamecube hardware(if you cant find it anywere go to and search there).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/00, Updated 11/06/00

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