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"Not as perfect as Ocarina of Time but it's still one of the best N64 games ever."

The Legend of Zelda, probably one of the best games in the history of gaming industry. This is one game that gave Nintendo a big boost in fan loyalies due to it's gameplay and originality.

When Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time was released on Nintendo 64, gamers were worried if it'll be different than it's famed SNES version A Link to the Past. Surprisingly, it was just as great as ever.. and it won lots of faith for the Zelda fans.

Now, with it's 2nd Zelda game out for the N64.. does it live up to it's expectations as Ocarina of Time? In my honest opinion, it nearly did.

This game is NOT for all gamers!
Yes it's true, due to the fact there's a unique system known as ''72 hours & it's game over'' (ok, maybe it isn't known like that.. but close enough). Majora's Mask is a side-quest game (like the GameBoy's Link's Awakening). You have 3 days to save the world of Termina from destruction. How? Well, it's up to you to find out. With three days, which equals to 72 hours, which equals to near 1 full hour in REAL TIME, which means you don't have lots of time to play around! BUT the good news is that you can play the ocarina to go back to DAY 1, but will result some ''side effects''. This means the player(s) must learn to keep track of time and organization to figure out ''what to do'', ''where to go'' and ''how to save the world''. Organization is the KEY word for this game. Without it, you won't get too far.

It's a little loose unlike Ocarina of Time's flawless controls.. but it's not too noticable and won't be a factor in life and death situations. Other than that, it's still one of the best game-playing configuration ever!

There maybe more polygons and such.. but it's not a big difference between this and Ocarina of Time. Still, it's beautiful and excellent. This is all thanks to the required expansion pack.. but it still doesn't help from the minor lags it may experience from mass polygon graphics.

-MUSIC/SFX- [08]
A minor improvement to Ocarina of Time. The big factor is that it contain the most famous music from Zelda's history... HYRULE THEME! Another great music is when countdown is started (the sad music played when you have 5 hours left). The rest of the musics (especially the Temples) are weak compared to Ocarina of Time's music. SFX is excellent and as simple as always!

-REPLAY- [05]
Unless you start over and try to complete all the side-quests (if you havn't done so) or beat the game with weaker equippments... replay is basically average.. either you replay it or not.

A great game which maybe turned down by gamers who doesn't like the 72 hour system (due to needed organizations). This is a game, even with a high rating, is needed to be RENTED before bought to see if one likes the system or not. Granted it's not as near-perfect as Zelda: Ocarina of Time due to the fact it's a side-story game.. but it's one of the best games on the Nintendo 64 console.

Overall Summery [+/-]
+ 72hrs System means organization
+ Graphics, music & controls
+ 20 side-quests and other challenges
+ Interesting gameplay & situations (due to the 72hrs System)
- Starting puzzles can prove hard to novices
- Smaller world (lack of temples and areas)
- 72hrs System may turn off gamers
- Game is shorter than Ocarina of Time

Master LL- organization is the key and the reason why this game is fun!

Grade Scale (01-10):
01- Avoid like plague
05- Average
10- Perfect

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/00, Updated 11/06/00

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