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"Probably one of the best Zelda games I have ever played."

Before I begin I'm going to try to make this the best review I can. I looked at some of the bad reviews for Majora's Mask and found that many people didn't like the three-day system and have no idea why Nintendo did this. I have the answer straight from the creator himself but I'll get into that later. Ok so let's begin.

Plot 10/10

The game starts off with Link in the forest looking for his lost friend (Navi). He is ambushed by Skull kid's fairy friends Tatl and Tael throwing Link off of his horse; Epona and knocking him unconscious. Link wakes up and Skull Kid takes off with his ocarina and horse. Link in pursuit falls into Skull Kid's trap and with the power of Majora's Mask turns Link into a Deku Scrub. While Tatl has fun bullying Link, Skull Kid and Tael are leave and she gets left behind. Having to form a truce with her, you're new adventure begins...

When you make it to inside of the Clock Tower you are confronted by the Happy Mask Salesman. He tells you that skull kid took Majora's Mask from him and he wants you to get it back in three days. Also he well teach you a song to return you to your normal form if you retrieve your Ocarina. When you make it to Skull Kid you retrieve you're Ocarina and go back to the 1st day using the Song of Time. The Happy Mask Salesman returns you to your normal form and asks for the mask. He goes crazy when he finds out you don't have it but still trusts you to get it for him. He bids you on your way saying "Believe in your strengths......Believe......" Now remember that quote it will be important later on.

Music 10/10

The Music was very good in my opinion. Especially the clock town song which you will probably hum to if you play this game and probably have hummed it if you already have. Also I like the new Ocarina songs such as the Song of Healing, Sonata of Awakening and Oath to Order. They are addicting to listen to as well and you will probably want to download them or just play them again on the Ocarina. This is of course my opinion. Also songs like the ones from the Stone Temple and the Deku Kingdom do have a nice rhythm to them and can be addicting also.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics I will say aren't much better then the graphics from OoT they are smoother though and have more definition to them, I guess you could say. Which is why you have to buy that memory pack thing for your N64. Either way if the Graphics on OoT got a 10 this isn't any worse so why should it get any lower?

Gameplay 10/10

Now remember how I said I knew the reason for the 3-Day cycle? Well I'm going to get to that in a second. First off besides just being Young Link you get to be three different forms also, Deku Link, Goron Link and Zora Link. Deku Link being able to hop on water for a certain amount of hops, can shoot bubbles and can fly by jumping out of a deku flower. Goron Link can roll and if you hold it long enough spikes will shoot out of him while you roll. Well spikes won't shoot out but they protrude from him. Also Goron Link can do a ground pound type thing used to solve some puzzles mostly in the Snowhead temple. As for Zora Link he can use his fins as a boomerang, swim and use a magic shield in the water by pressing the shield button. Also there are other masks but most of them are for sidequests and find heart pieces. But some like the Bunny Hood increase your speed, the Stone Mask makes you invisible to enemies and the Great Fairy Mask attracts the stray fairies in the dungeons. These are just a few examples of some of the masks available in the game. But if you collect all the masks before you fight Majora's Mask you can play hide n' seek with the other kids to get the Fierce Diety's Mask which is the coolest mask in the game allowing you to obliterate Majora's Mask but it is not necessary. Ok now I will talk about the Three day system that some people do not like. Yes I will admit that losing your items for example making you have zero arrows when you restart from day 1 can be annyoing at times but it isn't anything that ruins the fun, now this is a Quote from Miyamoto himself saying, "Yes. In fact, that is why we've decided to base the game on three-day intervals. This allows gamers to see characters as they go through their daily routines in more detail. Depending on which time of day you visit a particular character, he or she will be doing different things and that may reveal essential clues to the mystery that is at the heart of the game. To conquer the game and solve the mystery, players must learn all about the many characters and discover new masks.” I read this from an article which will make your head scratch and make you not believe how much depth was in this game. The guy that wrote this article says the message in the game is faith. I have to believe with him, remember the quote from the Happy Masks Salesman I told you to remember? This is where that plays in he tells Link to believe in his strengths and basically not to give up because he has faith in him and is counting on him to retrieve Majora's Mask for him. Also another major role of faith is the married couple Anju and Kafei. They made a promise when they were kids and if you do the quest you help Kafei fulfil that promise. Anju decides to wait for him and on the Final night of the Final day Kafei runs in and he says to her, "Anju I'm sorry I'm late". All Anju says is two simple words, " Welcome Home." Now Anju had a strong faith in Kafei after being gone for a month not seeing him, having no idea where he was, she still believed he would come like he promised. Now call me whatever you want but I get teary eyed just thinking about it, after all that, all she says is "Welcome Home." She had a strong Faith, trust and love for Kafei to wait for him and on the day the world is going to end for them also.

I can go on all day telling you the themes and why this game is great and has a lot of depth. But I want you to read the article for yourself so go to this website go to the Majora's Mask tab and on the bottom there should be a link to the article called "The Message of Majora's Mask" now remember I did not write this someone else did. Also didn't see a point you wanted me to touch on? Or have questions or comments? My Email is in my contributor page so look it up and contact me via Email.

All and all I give this game a 10/10 because it is just so deep it doesn't deserve anything else and I highly reccomend that you buy or rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/09/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/25/00)

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