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"Better than Ocarina of Time"

The Legend of Zelda is a classic Action/RPG saga that never ceases to amaze me. Title after title sets another standard in video gaming history and that's why I am not surprised to find the latest installment, Zelda: Majora's Mask, to be better than any other Zelda game. Majora's Mask takes you to the world of Termina where a falling moon hangs in the distance and ever-present clocks countdown every second until the moon falls. You have three days before it does.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are simply amazing. Wonderfully 3D rendered backgrounds and they have spiced up polygons and made everything look so real. The graphics are better than Ocarina of Time, even though they look the same, Majora's Mask's graphics are spiced up a bit to add more realism.

Plot/Storyline 10/10
This has to be the best story in a Zelda game. You have three days to save the world of Termina from a falling moon and during those three days you can either go back in time, slow time down, or speed time up. You have to use your use of time wisely because if you mess around, you will have to race against the clock before the moon falls. The storyline is intruiging and never gets boring.

Sound/Music 10/10
The classic Zelda theme everyone wanted is back and the battle music has been made more intense. The Sound F/X sound real, the voice acting, it's all good.

Control 10/10
If you played Ocarina of Time before, the controls will come back to you. If you haven't, the game's manual is outstanding. When you learn the controls, you will not believe how sensitive and responsive they are. Lots of work has gone into this game!

Gameplay 10/10
Wow...where can I start? The Gameplay is great! This has to be one of the best Zelda games to date. The total game length is about 40 hours, but if you wanted to get everything add 20 hours and you get 60. You will keep playing and playing and playing! You will never get bored with this game!

Replay Value 10/10
As I mentioned in Gameplay, you will come back to play this game again. Either you want to get all the secrets or just go through the whole game again: It's truly the best.

Overall 10/10
There is not a word to describe how great this game is. Zelda fans, your prayers have been answered. Non-Zelda fans, you will become a Zelda fan after you play this. Take my word for it: BUY THIS GAME NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/10/00, Updated 11/10/00

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