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Reviewed: 11/21/00 | Updated: 11/21/00

Good..... Nah. Perfect!!

The Legend Of Zelda:Majora's Mask surpasses any other game out this October, or better yet this year. Sure there are many sceptics out there bashing the game, but most of them are simply biased. This new Zelda really lives up to it's name in every aspect, as I am about to demonstrate.

Gameplay: 10/10

Gameplay is great. There is TONS of stuff to do. The side quests alone take a while to figure out as well as to complete. The dungeons, those beautiful dungeons are works of art to say the least. They are cleverly designed by the masterminds at Nintendo, are very long and extremely challenging. That's if you don't have the nerve to peek at a strategy guide...The gameplay is also extremely smooth. There is hardly EVER a hint of slow down. Ever. Overall, the gameplay is the best I have ever seen. Period.

Sound: 8.9/10

The game's ONE weak point. The music get sort of tiring after a while, but don't get me wrong. The music is a lot better than other games. The only reason it got an 8.9 was because I expected more, seeing as it is a Zelda game. The sound effects also were not of top notch. I just wish that the character would have voices!! That was really the only drawback. The boss (especially the first one's) voices are the best! Well, some don't have voices, but the sounds they make are spectacular. You will hardly ever notice the sound though, mainly because you will be so woven into the game you won't notice it at all. Great, not perfect,job on the sound.

Graphics: 10/10

Whoa. That was my first response. Once you see Clock Town or the fields of Termina you will see. Everything is designed in the finest detail. The most obvious example of this are the bosses. Geez. Can we say cool? It seems that when the designers designed this game, they really took their time. The levels in this game are cleverly designed as well. The dungeons are so huge and look so awesome as well. Great job on the graphics.

Replayability: 9.7/10

There is so much to do that there is absolutely no way to finish everything in less than 20 hours. We're talking 60+ hours of gameplay here. Finding all the heart pieces, the actual game, all the masks, all the fairies, the mini games, and the list goes on and on. Sure it's a one player game. But that's a one player game that never ends. I have beaten the game already, have owned it for 3 1/2 weeks, and am about 60% done. It's that long.

Story: 9.0/10

Not the most original story ever, but it's still great. You have 72 hours to save a town from a moon that is going to destroy this place. Although in my opinion a little more original the Zelda: TooT, (Save the world from a bad guy who has taken some damsel in distress hostage) it's still not very original. I don't seem to mind it however seeing as the game is as great as it is.

Rent/Buy: Buy!!!!

Sure there are some people saying that this is the worst game ever and that they are also Nintendo fanatics, it's a complete lie. Any score lower than a 9 is complete bias. Go out and buy this game. I have never had so much fun in my life. And I'm sure you wont either.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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