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Reviewed: 01/07/09

It may not be perfect, but it's my favorite 3D Zelda and terribly underrated in my opinion.

If you've been following most of my Zelda reviews you'll notice I gave both Zelda Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time a 6/10. You were most likely thinking I really hate the 3D Zelda's. I don't despite saying Link To The Past is my favorite of the series. It's just I like the ones that everyone consider bad. Oddly, I can't seem to discover why Majora's Mask is so hated. It has it's minor flaws, but it's a excellent game overall that's horribly underrated...

Graphics:10/10:Majora's Mask Graphics are just as excellent as Ocarina of Time's. The sheer resolution is amazing and the area designs are very great. They fit well with the theme of the game. For Majora's mask Miyamoto urged for a bright happy setting. Majora's Mask perfectly captures this feeling as you visit around Clock Town which is bustling with various activities and people. Character designs are fantastic. Enemy designs aren't really much else to say on. Typical zelda fare which is by no means bad. Overall, the Graphics in Majora's Mask are fantastic and easily are just as good or better then Ocarina of Time's. Just like the Graphics Majora's Mask has extremely good gameplay, not perfect, but far better then the atrocity that was Ocarina of Time.

Gameplay:9.2/10:For the most part Majora's Mask is actually different from your typical Zelda. At the prologue of the game your not...Exactly Link. Rather your transformed into a Deku. This Deku is one of the few Deku mask forms you acquire throughout the game. Each have their own capabilities designs and are a lot of fun to use. Eventually Link is returned to normal and it's back to normal Zelda. You still have your item menus. Items that you can setup to C-Keys for quick and easy use. Link mostly has the same capabilities, but a nice twist is you can gain Masks. It's one of the coolest aspects in Majora's Mask.

As briefly mentioned earlier Link does get some transformation masks. These are acquired as you progress further in the game. They make Link transform into the form of that mask. We'll use the first one Deku Mask. Link transforms into a Deku creature. Get to watch a awesome animation of him putting the mask on which can be skipped. Once, that's done your now Deku. In this form Link can shoot deku nuts, spin and use a flying ability. That allows him to jump off a gap and using Magic Power he can fly over a distance. Deku form also extends Links capabilities by allowing you to use those several deku plants to your advantage. Deku form Link can boost himself a large distance using the plants to get to certain places. You get a few more transformation Masks throughout the game with different abilities. However, I think you get the point. To explain the regular other non transformation masks...

Mostly just for looking cool or puzzle solving. There is one fox mask which does look awesome, and is fun to run around in. Another mask is the Bunny Hood another cool mask that allows Link to run faster. Which should be a very welcomed Mask by anyone. For a third mask there's the Brenman Mask. It makes Link capable of making Cucco's follow him and it's simply entertaining to use. Now, a extremely nice bonus awaits the players who collect all masks. If you manage to collect all the masks you'll gain the Fierce Deity mask after doing a task. Only usable for the final boss, but man what a treat that mask is. I won't spoil what it does, but it's just completely ownage to keep things simple. I've already provided several reasons why Majora's Mask is better then Ocarina of Time, but allow me to over the most important aspect.

Dungeons. The dungeons are actually fun in Majora's Mask. Puzzles are not very tedious anymore and require clever thinking rather then annoying tedious trial and error. Enemies found throughout the dungeons don't put up too much of a good fight admittedly. Until later in the game when you face some pretty tough enemies. Bosses as usual in every Zelda put up a decent fight at the very least though. Requiring exploiting the boss's weakness to your advantage and forming a strategy out of that. Really though, Majora's Mask at heart is the same good old Zelda we all love.

Your still going from dungeon to dungeon. Finding small keys, opening doors corresponding to small keys. Gaining the item of the dungeon. Using it to solve a few puzzles. Gaining the boss key eventually. Then finding the boss door and unlocking it. Fighting the boss and moving onto the next dungeon. Possibly having to get a item in order to remove a obstacle blocking the way to the next dungeon. While, everything I have said is positive I must admit the only major flaw of Majora's Mask's Gameplay...

The time system. It was just a bad idea and it doesn't help the game out at all. Basically each time you load your file you'll have three days. Keep playing until those three days are up and the bad ending happens and it's Game Over. It's obviously poor due to the fact it forces players to stress through dungeons as fast as possible. During a dungeon you need time to think at times and with that clock ticking you don't have too much time to mess around and think. On the positive side though, at least you can gain a song that allows you to slow down time. Giving you more time to be able to solve those hard puzzles in the dungeons. Overall, Gameplay in Majora's Mask is great. It's a lot of fun, the puzzles are far improved from Ocarina of Time. The Masks are a lot of fun to acquire and use and Fierce Deity is completely awesome. Gameplay scores a 9.2/10. Last, is the Music for Majora's Mask.

Music:10/10:Once again, Nintendo truly has outdone themselves. The soundtrack is masterful and includes a wide variety of instruments. Songs that fit the theme of the game well and were overall fantastically composed. Sound effects are top notch and should not disappoint no matter what. Music gets a perfect 10/10. Really, I can't find anything wrong with the Music of Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time. So...Down to the decisive question. Is Majora's Mask in your opinion better then Ocarina of Time or worth getting?

Overall:9.4/10:Yes, it absolutely is worth the trouble of hunting this game down on Ebay or Amazon. It's far improved from Ocarina of Time. Puzzles are a lot more fun and require a lot more thinking then tedious trial and error. Dungeon designs in general are better. Masks are a ton of fun to use and acquire. Plus, the game gives you a great reward for collecting all Masks. Like Ocarina of Time the Graphics and Music are superb and cannot disappoint no matter what. So, overall Majora's Mask scores a 9.4 from Lord_Kefka. It's truly the best 3D Zelda game in my opinion and terribly underrated. Don't believe the hate regarding this game. Majora's Mask has it's minor flaws, but it is a experience worth being enjoyed by all gamers.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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