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"This game walks in Ocerina of Time's Shadow, but it has a shadow of it's own."

I don't remember what made me play this game. Probably the fact that I loved Ocarina of Time so much. I do remember what made me love it. Kid Link, Memorable characters, Mystery and Puzzles, Places, Events, quests for Masks, Story, and Replaying the game.

KID LINK- I want to be like him when I grow up

I remember when kid Link turned into adult Link in Ocarina of time. Finally you felt like you were playing as a full fledged hero. Someone who was strong, brave, and could knock the crap out of you with a sword. In Majora's mask you play as Link who's a little bit older than he was at the beginning of Ocarina of Time. He looks older, about 12 or 13, and the graphics are much smoother, giving him more identifiable features. The smoothness makes his face look prepubescent. He's a bit tougher, way braver, more adventurous, but after all he did technically already go on one of the greatest recorded adventures two years ago and seven years into the future. His animations say that he's ready for battle, and he has cocky acrobatics good for dodging enemies, jumping great distances, and making combat more intense. He held onto his boomerang, thank God, but he also had a bow and arrow and slingshot to boot. He even gets a hookshot. They'll let kids play with anything these days.


Ok, ok, if a character's memorable from Majora's mask then they're memorable from Ocarina of Time. Link falls into a parallel universe, but there's no Zelda in Majora's mask, there's not even a princess. You have the mask collector who seems nice until you tell him you didn't get Majora's mask back. There's the girls from pasture, in this game they're sisters, in Ocarina of Time they were the same girl their age just depended on how old Link was. No Ganan, but his sister thieves still blessed us with their presence. No Navi, and no forest children. The return of all these characters from Ocarina of Time made this game feel more like an expansion pack than a new game. This wasn't a drawback, and it just falls into place with all the other legends of Link's adventures.

MYSTERY AND PUZZLES- The kid with the blue hair

The very first time I played the game I noticed the kid with the blue immediately and also immediately wanted to solve his problem. That kid had a lot of problems, though, and even when replaying the game I had trouble completing his story. You need more than skill if you're going to help all the people in your diary, you need luck. You had to be in the right place at the right time to help a few people, and using gamefaqs guides was a must for me. The dungeons were harder in this game, but there were only four. The bosses were easy enough if you had a lot of magic power to spare. The dungeons had pre-trials to go with them. You had to do mini quests to get items that would allow you in a dungeon, like songs or the magic lens. The mini quests alone were difficult.

Most of all was the omnipresence of mystery in this game. Ocarina of Time came with a feeling of adventure where as this game gave you the feeling of mystery. Around every corner was someone who needed to be helped. In order to help them you had to do something at a certain time, and often times you needed a mask to do that.

PLACES- "Oh the places you will go" - Dr. Seus

You start off in the forbidden forest, nothing unfamiliar. You end up in Clock Town, a place chaos doomed to be crushed by the moon. There's more problems such as lovers, thievery, black markets, broken fairies. You have a mountain with Gorons that's been frozen over. You can go the forest with the monkeys only to get lost, fall in poisonous water, and race a monkey's uncle through a cave. If you're lucky you'll find yourself in a grave yard fighting a huge Skeleton. What's wrong with the world today? Try your luck against the band of woman thieves by sneaking around their coastal fortress, or go join a musical band of Zora inside a sea shell. If you play through the game you'll do all of this, it's symbolic of how crazy life can be.

EVENTS- "The sky is falling"- Chicken Little

There's so much going on in this tiny world. There's so many little things to be taken care of. They all lead up to big events that fun to watch. You can wait three days and watch the moon fall destroy the world, watch lovers unite, a Zora regain her voice and play music with her band in a Milk Bar. Go to the farm and witness aliens come to Earth, and finally witness 4 big huge hairy giants come climbing out of nowhere and push moon back into outer space.

Masks- One mask, two mask, three mask, four

I remember my first mask. It was a glow in the dark vampire made from plastic. I would wear it for fun even if it wasn't Halloween. Since then I've worn a Zora mask, bunny ears that make me fast as the wind, a mask that talks to dogs and statues, a mask that makes me look ninja, a mask that gets me into a milk club, a mask that makes fairies think that I too am a fairy, and a mask that makes me godlike with white hair war paint. Majora's Mask, I didn't wear that one. The whole game revolves around collecting masks. Some of the masks were just put in there to fill up empty slots in your inventory while others, like the Garo and Keaton masks, were meant to be worn around for the pleasure of it, all the while sharpening my imagination.

STORY- All of the above

The story was simple- collect the 4 great masks, defeat Majora's Mask. That was the main objective anyways. What is so wonderful about this game is that everything you've read so far is what made up the story. The events, the masks, the places, the people. You simply can't ignore any one person as they may share important information with you. You have to do the little things in order for the big things to unfold. You have to collect every mask to be the ultimate maskateer and beat the game. The story is getting sidetracked from the main objective in order to get to the main objective. This too adds to the mystery.

REPLAY VALUE- "Yes, please." Austin Powers

That's what I would say if you offered to let me play this game at your house. I warn you now that I may not leave. This game has a lot of stuff to do, the list just goes on and on. But if you've beaten on your games and don't want to play any of the new ones then this game is well worth the time. I replayed just because I missed playing it so much. It was a weekend tradition in the 7th grade to play this with my best friend, and it wasn't about to be forgotten. You'll be so busy finding masks, and you'll remember a few secrets. Trust me, though, no matter how much you think you remember, it's not enough. You'll be looking up guides for help in a quick minute. It's just as hard the 2nd time as it is the first time, but if you loved the game the first time you'll love it that much more the 2nd time.

FINAL THOUGHTS- Final thoughts

Add this to the list of greatest games. I didn't hear as much hype over this game as I did Ocarina of time and I don't understand why. They were equal, and Majora wasn't a sequel. It was the same Link on a totally different story. I miss playing this game and I miss the mystifying masks. I miss the world and the places and swimming around as a Zora with a guitar. The game was just so unique, and the world could swallow you up the same way it did Link.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/09

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/25/00)

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