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"As good as it gets!"

I waited very patiently for this game to come into stores. Ever since I played Ocarina of Time, I looked forward to the day it hit store shelves. Well, I was lucky since it hit store shelves early! Was it worth the wait? Most definitely.

Story 10/10
I liked this story a lot. It is about a young Hylian named Link who stumbled upon a portal into another land. Very Alice in Wonderland esque. He must rescue the four giants from their temples in order to stop the falling moon. He must also collect masks, which will help him on his tedious journey. Many side quests are involved.

Graphics 9/10
They were very good for the Nintendo 64. They used many textures. It looked a little better from OoT. It was more smooth and pretty. You can notice Links hair is shiny now. But the graphics could probably be better though. I can't complain, they're very good.

Gameplay 10/10
Very well done! This is considered to many as an RPG, but a very different kind of RPG. You control Link as he fights with his trusty Kokiri Sword. It has aspects of both an RPG and a adventure game. But in this case, the two fuse especially well together. Fighting the enemies is fun, especially the really challenging enemies. Collecting the masks is part of the fun here. The side quests take time
and they pay off in the end. You'll see what I mean...

Sound 10/10
The sound is better in here than in OoT, and i thought they excecuted it pretty darn good back then. Now Link's boots make sounds when he's running about. His sword makes clashing noises when he swings it at his enemies and he screams when he's hit by a fearsome jello monster! Now people make noises when you talk to them, too. Hear Anju sigh, Romani giggle and the mailman go,''Heh?''
Music 10/10
As always, better than the first one. It borrows some original music and has it's own new music. The music is well conducted and always fits in with the surroundings. The music is one of the important parts of the game. It adds feel to the game itself. Without the music, you would never get nervous during a boss battle and feel scared during the last few minutes of Termina's existence. From the mysterious Song of Healing, the eerie music of Woodfall Temple or the watery feel of Zora Hall. The music is exceptional.

Engine 8/10
The engine is almost exactly the same from OoT. The controls are the same except now Link does flips when he jumps from tall places. The graphics engine has evolved since OoT, mainly because of the expansion pack requirement. There are more textures and and everything looks a lot smoother.

Conclusion 10/10
This game is truly a classic. People debate whether MM or OoT is better. Since I seem to be very good at settling arguments, they are the same. They are both extraordinary games that deserved to be cherished and played over and over again. Now, all we have to do is wait for the Gamecube Zelda's to come out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/26/00, Updated 11/26/00

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