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"Amazing game... Better than OoT"

Yay, my first review. A good start I find is to review my favorite game. Although I may get hate mail up the wazoo for heresy like this.

The things that make this game better than Ocarina of Time is that this game has more than three major sidequests (Biggoron Sword, Epona, Happy Mask Shop). Majora's Mask is LOADED with sidequests. Although being shorter in terms of linear gameplay (with only four dungeons), it makes up for it in terms of sidequests. There are 52 pieces of heart in this game, in comparison to OoT's 36. It will take you a long time to finish all of the extras in this game.

Story - 10/10

While wondering through a previously unexplored section of the Lost Woods, Link encounters the Skull Kid wearing a strange mask. The Skull Kid takes his horse and "does you a favor by getting rid of it for you." Link gets mad, but Skull Kid's mask gives him the power to turn you into a Deku Scrub. And he does. One of Skull Kid's two fairies gets trapped with Link. From there, you enter a parallel dimension where everyone looks the same from OoT. Including the Happy Mask Salesman. He has to leave town in three days and asks you to get his mask back from the imp who stole it. Thus out of this a three-day timer is born. But during the same three days, the moon will get closer and closer to the Earth.

Every character in this game has their own schedule, and is at different places in different times. Out of this is born one of the most complicated sidequests in Zelda history. It could count for four or five sidequests.

An imaginative and thrilling story gives the story section a 10.

Gameplay - 9.5/10

It's a Zelda game after all. Zelda is known for its fluent controls and responsive gameplay. What gives the gameplay a 9.5 is that sometimes if you move forward after pressing Z to look in front of you, sometimes it will negate the effect and you lose precious time. This game is also very easy, if you just take the linear path.

However, the fact that this game can support more enemies on the screen at one time than OoT makes the gameplay launch back to a 9.5.

Graphics - 10/10

Imaginative designing for enemies and bosses, but mostly the same as OoT. Very well done, better than a lot of PSX games. At Romani Ranch, the aliens who try to steal the cows (if you've ever heard of that before) look awesome.

Sound - 9.5/10

Ahhh, the classic Zelda theme makes its reappearance here in this game. Unfortunately, outside of Clock Town and Termina Field, everywhere else in this game has the same bloody tune with just different instruments giving it the feel of the climate you're in. It does get irritating, but you should be able to get over it after awhile.

Difficulty - 8/10

The only things that make this score a 8 are that the hardest sidequest ever created is in this game. It's brutal. And some of the puzzles are pretty difficult (mainly the last dungeon). The rest of this game is very easy, including the final boss.

Length - 10/10

This game can get very long if you try and learn every little nuance of this game. It can easily take up 40 hours or more.

Replay Value - Very High.

You may miss a lot of sidequests the first three times you play this game, causing you to have to play it again. I didn't get that feeling after playing Ocarina of Time. It may be that this game doesn't have as many dungeons, meaning that players won't have to go through the same things over and over again just to do a sidequest later in the game that they missed, but I didn't feel the need to replay Ocarina of Time. Honestly.

Overall - 10/10

Difficulty isn't a huge factor in my book. Story is the biggest deciding factor in my opinion. If the game has a good story, which Majora's Mask does, players will feel compelled to play it to the maximum of their spare time. This is a great game.

Rent or Buy?

Buy. Right now. Go to, local GameStop, EB Games, I don't care. Just play this game. You won't be sorry.

I promise.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/29/09

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/25/00)

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