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Reviewed: 01/05/10


The legend of zelda: majoras mask. The best game for the N64 In my opinion. If you ask an average gamer if they have heard of ocarina of time, they will say yes almost definitly. This isn't the case for Majoras Mask. It is severely underrated, and mabye a bit shorter, but it has better gameplay, IMO a better story, and it is much harder. You know the water temple from OOT? This games stone tower temple makes that look like the first level on super mario bros. But anyway, lets run down the elements of the game:

Graphics: 10/10 for the time, 5/10 now.
The graphics for this game were so good for the time, you had to use an expansion pak to even play it. They are actually quite detailed, making sure that most, if not all, areas are covered with detail that fits perfectly with the area it's in. It is a N64 game though, so the graphics are not on par with the PS3. Don't expect them to be. That would be completely stupid.

Sound: 10/10
What can I say? It's the legend of zelda! The sound in the game is phenomanal. It fits perfectly with the environment, and can even change your mood at the time. The music for the dungeons are very unique, almost making you think of it's environment before you even know where it comes from. the first dungeon sounds jungly, the second one freezing and icy, the third one almost like a sewer, and the fourth one is indescribable. The music that plays one there is only 6 hours left in the game is actually kind of creepy and depressing, which fits in with the time.

Story: 10/10
Do I really need to say it? the story is incredible, and like before, it's legend of mother ****ing zelda! What did you expect? The story for this game actually has a very small amount to do with Zelda, but anyway, the story is basicly that kid you met in the forest of OOT, the skull kid, is in the paralell demension to Hyrule, which is terminia, and is under the power of an ancient mask (Majora's Mask). He is going to make the moon crash into Terminia, destroying the whole world in 3 days, which is actually more like an hour or so real life time, and meanwhile, you are on a mission to get Majora's Mask back to that creepy mask seller from OOT that sent you on the mask lending quest. You have to play it to really understand.

The gameplay is the most important aspect of a game, and this is where it shines. The gameplay is confusing, misleading, and complicated. And if you're a legend of zelda fan, that should be perfect. When I first played this game, I spoke to somebody saying that a zora band is not going to play, and I started looking for the band. It turned out I needed to play almost halfway through the game to get there! If you enjoy a difficult quest, this game is for you. An amazing challange on it's own is getting all the fairy fragments from the last dungeon with no guide. You'll see what I mean.

In all, I reccomend you get this game. Buy it for your N64. Download it for the Wii. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THIS GAME! NO WAY YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (EU, 11/17/00)

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