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Arrghhhh!!! What’s wrong with Nintendo? Did they actually think that Majora’s mask was going to be a really good game? I mean, I’m sure they made a lot of money on it, but not because it was a great game in the least. I hated it!!! A LOT!!! I think Nintendo has gotten into the business of selling mass-market successes rather than good games!! (**Ahem** Pokemon…) This game has all the appeal in the world for a seven year old (cool masks and powers you gotta collect…) but for a serious gamer like me, who loved game like Chrono Trigger and A Link to the Past, this game falls way short.
Hmmmm… Okay. Maybe I should start off by saying that deep down, I’m really a big Zelda fan. Zelda, for the NES, was great, (Although the second game was pretty crappy.) and A Link to the Past, for the SNES, was my personal favourite. Even the Ocarina of Time was good, (okay, VERY good,) but this new game is just so…. CRAP!!! Should I explain why I hated this game? Okay, let’s start with graphics.

Graphics: 7/10
Why a 7? Not because the graphics were bad, in any way whatsoever. In fact, many things like Link as a Zora, or the bosses, were really well done, and especially well animated. So why did I take marks off? Because, the graphics are almost exactly the same as the original. Don’t know about you, but if I’m gonna have to shell out 40 buck for a friggin’ expansion pack, (plus the hundred for the damn cartridge itself…) then I expect something along the lines of Perfect Dark or something. No can do, here, unfortunately. Other than that, though, the graphics are good. BUT I HATE WASTING TONS OF MONY FOR NOTHING!!! Another thing I got really annoyed with was the blur effect. It’s kinda cool at first, but when it is used in almost every cutscene, it gets real annoying.

Sound: 6/10
Well, at least they decided to include Link’s theme song in this one, but, other than that, the music blows. At least Ocarina of time had some pretty interesting tunes, or at least something you can hum to. Even the Ocarina tunes themselves were kinda nifty. (ex. Song of time) But holy crap!! None of the temples in Majora’s mask have any music whatsoever! The ocarina songs sucked! The Deku Temple just has people screaming and stuff, with a few effects playing in the background, but no actual tunes. The other three temples have pretty much the same thing going on. The one I hated the most was the damn water temple. I literally had to turn the music down just to get through it alive. Also, may of the outside area’s music was a little too generic and reused to be any good. I think Nintendo was trying to create more of an atmosphere with their music rather than creating actual music. This is great for games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but becomes tiresome in an adventure game. What we’re left with is effects that sound like they were used in old B-movies, and no real music. (Case in point; the swamp, or the ice temple.) Another problem was that the same music effects were being used over and over again throughout the game. Kinda boring, if you ask me…

Gameplay: 4/10
Okay, so some people might yell at me, but I thought the gameplay was downright horrid. The controls were good, but the same as the original. This kind of left me wanting more, but I can’t complain, since, for the most part, the controls are solid. (Link can’t jump? What?) I didn’t like how almost all of the weapons and item were the same. (Why the magnifying glass again? It’s just an excuse to make the game take longer just because you can’t see where the damn item is?) Other than that, the items were okay.
Now, for the real complaints. The 3-day bit. I thought that it was the BEST aspect of the game. Think about it! It’s like a shortened down Chrono Trigger or something; what you do in the past effects how you will progress in the future. Pretty cool…if someone like Square or even Atlus used it as the basis of the game. But instead Nintendo just uses it an excuse to make their game extremely annoying. Okay, it’s realistic how, if time stared over again, everything you had done would be reverted back to the way it was before. But it’s really annoying! Sure, you keep most of the items you got, (except for rupees & bombs and the expendable items,) but do you know how many times I had to beat that bull guy over and over again just to thaw some ice? Arghhh! And what was with the masks? It was an interesting idea in the first game, but didn’t really warrant making a sequel over. Okay, here’s my biggest complaint… Why all the extras? I love games with a few extras, or easter eggs in them, to take your mind off of the game itself for a while. But I’d say only about 30% of the game is actually trying to beat the game. (Dungeons…) The rest is finding masks and heart pieces. With only four dungeons in the game, you only get four heart pieces. That means the rest of the hearts you get have to be found. That’s okay, but you need to find 4 pieces to make one heart, and this becomes real tiring real quick. I spent more time looking for hearts and masks than beating the temples themselves. This would be a lot cooler if the item were a little more rewarding, and not so annoying. Oh yeah, and the first boss was the hardest in the game. In fact, I didn’t even get hit on the last boss once. I just sat back and shot him with my sword. What’s that? Even Ganon was harder than that in Ocarina of Time!!!

Story: 4/10
What story? Some kid has no friends, and there’s an evil mask. A meteor’s gonna hit the planet, there’s some giants… really, I won’t go into the specifics, ‘cause I thought the original Zelda had a more viable plot.

Replay: 2/10
Once you get all the items, you’ve gotten them all. That’s it. Like Ocarina of time, I played it one and a half times, and then shelved it.

Rent or buy?
Rent, for sure. The only reason I say this is because you may love it or hate it, and buying games you hate sucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/18/01, Updated 01/18/01

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