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"One of the best games ever"

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is a game that was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. It was the sequel to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. However, it was shocking and controversial. The game was nothing like its predeccesor. Many fans were angry. Many fans didn't even give the game a chance. Many simply hated it. Majora's Mask got mixed reception between its fans and critics. It sold much less than its prequel. Much more. It is one of the most underrated games ever made. Majora's Mask is a perfect example of creativity and ingenuis.

Story 10/10 the game takes place several months after Ocarina of Time. Link has left Hyrule and is going through the lost woods when he gets ambushed by a skull kid who steals his horse and Ocarina. Link then follows the Skull kid and ends up in a parallel world. Due to skull kid's doing with the evil Majora's Mask, the moon is going to crash and destroy the Land of Termina in 3 days. Everyone is doomed. Link must save them all. Many people say this story is stupid or mediocre. But I really disagree. It is darker and more mature. I love how it doesn't involve Zelda, Ganon, or Hyrule either. I don't see why the Zelda fanbase is disacceptable of Nintendo straying away from the generic Zelda story and trying something new.

Gameplay 10/10 Majora's Mask has the same swordplay mechanics as Ocarina of Time. However, it features something brand new. Masks. These masks make the gameplay very different. There are three main masks. These masks transform Link into as deku scrub, a Goron, and a Zora. Each of them give Link new powers and abilities. Some say that these mask transformations are just gimmicks. However, they are not. These masks add to puzzle solving, getting past obstacles, and defeating bosses. There's also many other makes you can get which each have a special ability as well. All the masks are really fun to use. No other Zelda game offers transformations (Tp wolf being an exception although that was a huge gimmick) Also, many people complain that you can't be adult Link. So? Adult Link was cool. But this is way cooler. Besides, Young Link has improved. He is far more mature, is bigger, and is acrobatic. His upgrade and these masks easily make up for no adult Link. Also, many complain about the time limit. However, by playing the song of time in different ways, you can work well with it. The game has you travel back in time to the beginning of the first day so you can have enough time to save the land. You do lose items like arrows and bombs. But only quantities. You keep the bow and hookshot and etc. you lose your rupees. But there is a place you can save them.

Dungeons 10/10 These is another one of people's complaints. There are only 4 dungeons. However, the dungeons the game does have make up for it. Each of these dungeons are amazing, unique, well thought out, fun, and well designed. The first one's item is a bow and the rest are arrow elements. The fire and ice arrows are used far more than they ever were in Ocarina of Time. You also don't just use the dungeon item when you get it. You use other items as well. The first 3 dungeons are separately based around using the deku mask, next the Goron mask, then the Zora mask. The last dungeon has you use all 3 masks. The Great Bay Temple and Stone Tower Temple are two of the best dungeons ever. Many would say Great Bay Temple is just like the water temple with being confusing and annoying. However, it is actually amazing and is a far improvement. You get to swim around as a Zora (though you may first need some practice), the ice arrows are used very well, it also involves using the fire arrows. The water works factory setting is amazing. The design is awesome. It's really great. The Stone Tower Temple is the best dungeon ever. Using all 3 masks, flipping the thing upside down, all the unique puzzles. Just awesome. Snowhead and Woodfall are of course amazing as well. There's also some cool mini dungeons. The Ikana Castle is th best in any Zelda game. It's great puzzles, its atmosphere, everything. There's also the Pirate's Fortress which is great. You also receive items like the hookshot and mirror shield in these mini dungeons which also gets used in the upcoming temple. Each temple is also quite challenging. While it is a smaller amount, the creativity, the quality, and the additional sub dungeons easily make up for the lack. It's also save to say that some of the mini dungeons are superior to those of OoT and also the first 3 OoT dungeons. You add up all the main dungeons and the sub dungeons and you have about 10. There's also tasks aside from just the mini dungeons that you do to enter the dungeons and a certain song you learn to access each.

Bosses 10/10 The bosses are fantastic. Each of them are unique and original. Odolwa is a crazy chanting jungle warrior, Goht is a giant mechanical bull, Gyorg is a monster fish who wants to rip you to shreds. Ok, Twinmold is a worm boss like Molgera the one in Alttp. But the strategy to him his unique with turning into a giant. The bosses actually break the tradition with using the dungeon item to defeat them as well. Gyorg and Goht involve using the Goron and Zora mask. Odolwa simply doesn't require the bow. There's many ways of defeating them. Also, many get infuriated with Gyorg. But he really isn't that bad. Tough yes, but not extremely tough. I think each boss is great. The final boss is amazing as well. Also, the mini bosses are very cool. There are two per dungeon. You have Wart, a giant eyeball who could've easily been a boss. igos do Ikana, an awesome unique Stalfos type mini boss, the vampire and grin reaper cross known as Gomess, The garo master, and more. Bottom line, all the bosses and sub bosses are great and unique and right on par with OoT.

World 10/10 Termina is far better than Hyrule. Many complain that it is smaller. But it's barely smaller. There's also much nicer locations. You have a swamp, a snowy mountain, an ocean, and a haunted canyon. In the center is Clock Town which is realistic. The characters are connected, full of depth, and have personality. The world looks beautiful and is full of life. There's also much more enemies out in the Overworld and some techological advances greater than Hyrule's like the Great Bay Temple, motor boats, the clock tower, a camera, lots more. It has a great sense of technology. I like it.

Sidequests 10/10 Some people don't care for or hate Sidequests. But MM's are great. None of them are like Oot's mask sidequest where you just get a useless set of Masks avialable for wearing. You do lots of fun Sidequests and mini games which go towards heart pieces, bottles, masks and other things. There's tons and tons of things to do. Many Sidequests also involve interacting with the characters. It's really great.

Music 10/10 The music is downright amazing. Many say it's immemerable and inferior to OoT's. But boy do I disagree. The music is amazing,. The final hours music, the clock town music, the Stone Tower music, the deku palace music, the cursed area themes. all of it is great. It also fits well with the game's dark atmosphere. The temple themes aren't as good as Forest or Spirit (except the Stone Tower theme) but they are great. The battle themes are much much better. It's all fantastic. Many some of it can get a little repedetive and annoying. But only if you focus on it and not what you're doing.

Items and Stuff 10/10 You have many of the same normal items. You have your sword and shield. But you can get a sword upgrade known as the gilded sword and another known as the great fairy sword. There's also the 24 masks you can collect. Also, hidden throughout each of the temples are stray fairies. If you save these stray fairies, you will receive upgrades like the double magic meter. Majora's Mask has a far greater emphasis on items than OoT. Rather than just being able to simply grab some, you do a lengthy collecting quest are mini game to get it. You can also carry 6 bottles.

Graphics and art 10/10 They improve OoT. With the expansion pak, there's more detail, better draw distances, no 2d rendered areas, and less pointy things. Th art style is amazing. The areas look very unique and colorful. The beautiful Clock Town, swamp, and Great Bay are awesome. The character models are actually recycled from OoT. However, there's many new characters models.

Controls 10/10 accurate, responsive, well. Same as OoT.

My one and only complaint with the game is the save feature. You can't pause and save like any other game. You must find these owl statues which will be your save points. It's only temporary though. In order to permenantly save, you must travel back in time. If the game freezes, you will lose your progress you made in that cycle. It can be very annoying especially on the awful gamecube port. But it's not that bad on Vc. Plus the upside to it is the owl statues will bring you near the area you were when you reloaded the game rather than just back in one specific spot.

Now, you may notice that I pretty much gave MM a prefect score. Well, OoT got a perfect score and MM deserves it as well. OoT maybe "revolutionary" and many dislike MM for not being. But it features many new unique ideas. Everything about it is amazing. Many dislike it for not being traditional, but that is why I love it. It's a unique original non mainstream game that strays away from the generic Zelda story and offers something new. One of the best treats of a game ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/06/12

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Collector's Edition) (US, 10/25/00)

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