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"You Have 3 Days to Save the World...Can you do it?"

The Legend of Zelda series keeps the magic moving with this outstanding game. While it is not as good as Ocarina of Time, it still pulverizes most games that competes against it. Majora's Mask has everything you could possibly imagine. Great role playing action, strategic elements, and a way for you to manage your time perfectly. This game is excellent, and there are so many things that makes this game so good. Here is why I score this game a 9:


Yes, these are the best graphics that the Nintendo 64 have to offer. Nearly impeccable. You will enjoy these graphics a great deal because they are so well done. All the characters are well done as Link, and pretty much every character included in this game. You will be in awe of what Nintendo has done here. Every temple is made very well, and almost looks like how you would think it would look in real life. They really do look real. The moon in the sky is really scary looking, and looks really cool. I absolutely love the graphics in this game and I think you will too.


As for all Zelda games, the sound in this game is great. I do admit that I liked the music in Ocarina of Time better, but hey, this is very good too. The music changes from time to time, like on different days, and different times like in Clock Town so there is variety. Another thing I like about the music also is that it is the same, but has different tunes for different areas. For example, the Swamp plays music, and when you go to the Snowhead Mountains, it's the same music, but in a different tune. It is very well done indeed. The sound effects are good too in that Link's sword slashes, and bombs make big bursts in this game. Another added feature in this game is that when you talk to someone, they make a sound in the way that they sound when the talk. Well done by Nintendo.


This is like every other Zelda game, but it is very different too. If you are familiar with the Zelda system, then you will know that you are a boy named Link who is on an adventure. You will have a sword to kill enemies, and on the way you will get useful items. Another added feature in this game is that you collect masks. The masks can turn Link into different things, and can enable new speech from characters. There is 24 masks in all. The main difference in this game is that you are timed. You have 3 days to save the world, and if your time runs out, then you will lose. The good thing is you can reset time whenever you please once you receive your Ocarina. You need to budget your time well or you will not succeed. At different times of the day on some days, different things will happen if you talk to someone or perform an event. Try everything to find everything in the game! Nintendo dishes out a very unique gameplay that I think succeeds.


You are a young boy named Link from the land of Hyrule. About a month after the events from Ocarina of Time, Link decides he is going to look for his companion Navi who departed from him after Ocarina of Time. Link and Epona are walking through the woods when suddenly they are attacked by a Skull Kid wearing a strange mask. The Skull Kid steals Link's horse, turns him into a Deku, and leaves him like that. The Skull Kid's fairy gets left behind and decides to help Link get out of his state. Link eventually ends up in Termina, and finds out that the Skull Kid has stole an evil mask called Majora's Mask that causes evil to who wears it. What is worse is that the moon is about to crash into the world and destroy everything. You must get the mask back, and save the world. Link has 3 days...


This game is much harder to any other Zelda game than you are used too. The time management system takes a while to get used to, and most of the dungeons are a lot bigger, and a lot longer than you are accustomed too. While there are only 4 temples, they are hard! A lot of the enemies seem a lot harder too. Majora's Mask will take a while to get used too, and even once you get the hang of it, it's still quite difficult.


I have played through this game once since I purchased it, and I'm playing it through again right now, and it is still pretty fun. Like all Zelda games, It offers great replay value, and if you purchase this game, it is likely that you will play it more than once. Doing all the events in this game is more fun if you do it more than once!


I recommend that you buy this game because it will take you a little while to beat, and it is very fun. Even if you have never played a game like this before, I recommend you buy this game because it is wonderful. You will not be disappointed with this game sitting by your other games because it will be one of your most played games for the Nintendo 64. Anybody who is anybody will love this game, and I'm sure that would include you.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is an absolute wonderful game that you will surely love. It offers everything a gamer loves and more. While Ocarina of Time is much better, this game is great too. Not many games can compare to Ocarina of Time. I suggest to you that you go out and buy this game because you will surely not be disappointed. It is one of the best games available on the Nintendo 64, and you will be glad you added it to your gaming and or Zelda library. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/01, Updated 09/25/01

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