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Reviewed: 01/20/04

Link is back in a different but sweet Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda has always been one of the most beloved series by Nintendo and a lot of hardcore gamers. Every Legend of Zelda game has been an art of work and this game is not exception. This Legend of Zelda game, is a little different than the other ones you have play but as the saying goes, If ain't broken, let's fix it anyway's. The story is by far, the most strange in a Legend of Zelda game yet. The game has improved a lot since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time but it's as good as that game? Want to find out, then read the review for this amazing but strange game.

Graphics 9/10

One thing is for sure, the graphics in this game are the best in the Nintendo 64 system. The graphics in my opinion, had improve a lot since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that you will be practically amazed. You will notice the vibrant and smooth graphics at the Title Screen and intro, where the buildings don't look too scratched as in Ocarina of Time. Link looks more realistic this time around too. His blonde hair is shiny and it's actually more colorful this time too. His clothes and hat are more vibrant and they look sharper in this game. The environment is just amazing in detail. This time you go to different region like a snowy are or a very deep canyon but it doesn't matter since they all look beautiful in detail and in color. One thing I didn't like about the graphics is that in some parts they look a lot like Ocarina of Time.

Sound 10/10

Let's talk about the music first, it's beautiful and better than in Ocarina of Time. Some music is remixed from old classic Zelda tunes that you will be a happy they are back in a new way. Some of the music is new and in my opinion one of the best that you will hear in a game ever. The music in this game is both soft and fun to listen to. The sound effects in this game are as cool as they get. Link actually makes sounds when he walks, rolls or jumps. The others character actually make some sounds and they fit the character perfectly even if they are only groans and different cries. The ocarina tunes are back and they are not as good as the Ocarina of Times ones but their still okay. When it rains, you will hear that the thunder sounds very realistic and the clock bells sounds are very well done. I don't have any complains about the sound. It's just as good as it gets.

Story 10/10

This game has to have the best and weirdest story in a Legend of Zelda game. This time around you aren't in Hyrule, but in a different world called Termina. The story in this game is that the moon will destroy Termina in three days and it's up to Link to save Termina in those three days.

Gameplay 10/10

This is classic Zelda action. You have to travel through dungeons trying to collect some stuff. You are still going to find some useful weapon in the dungeon, but this time around you only have three days to defeat the game, but don't worry, is not real time. In this game, you have to collect different masks giving a lot of variety in the game. Some masks from Ocarina of Time are back along with some new ones. There are over twenty mask and if you want to defeat the game completely you have to collect all of them. Along with the regular mask, there are three specials mask which you need to have to beat the game. The three masks transforms Link in a different being which is why I love this game. Every time Link transform into a different being he gets special abilities. Link can transform into Deku Link thanks to the Deku Mask. In this stage you are able to fly for a while. If you put on the Goron Mask you transform into Goron Link which let's you destroys big boulders and rolling a high speeds. The Zora Mask transforms Link into Zora Link which enable him to swim underwater without breathing and you can also walk on the water(cool, eh?). The other new addition in this game , is the clock that's on the screen, which tells you the day you are in and what time it is. The clock is good because it gives a lot of variety to this game and increases the difficulty level. There are three days, the First one, Second one and the Final day. Every day is divided in two phases, Dawn and Night. If your clock reaches the Fourth day, the moon will fall and you have to redo every thing since your last save. To prevent this, you have to sing the Song of Time which transports you back to the Dawn of the First Day. The Song of Time is essential and its the most important song in the whole game.
Another ting is the Bombers Notebook which you have to collect to beat the game completely. Another thing is that every character is in a different place every hour, so if you want to find where they are you have to watch the clock and learn their where abounds. The dungeons are very creative and are as hard as the ones in Ocarina of Time. Some dungeons are very creative, while others are nice variations of old ones. One thing is for sure, this game will take you some time to complete.

Replay 10/10

This game will take you a long time to complete since it's full of side quest like every Zelda game. Trying to complete the Bombers Notebook will take some serious time and patience. The Heart Pieces are back and this time they are well hidden while others are easy to find. The masks is another cool side quest which will take some time getting them all. Be sure to spend some serious time with this game.

Overall Score 10/10

This is one of the best Zelda game you will experience and as the other ones it's another masterpiece.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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