Review by PinKirby

Reviewed: 06/28/04

This game is a (cruel) joke!

What can I say? I watched as my sister played Ocarina of Time, and I saw that it was one of the greatest Zelda games of all time. Some people got annoyed by Navi, but I didn't mind her so much...especially when you find that in Majora's Mask she's been replaced by a snotty, stuck-up fairy who looks down her nose at everyone, especially you. She is Tatl, the worst sidekick ever in the history of gaming. It makes one think: was she the one who inspired the snobby animals you see on Animal Crossing? Anyhow, the game has a lot of good points, but...

STORY: 3/10
The Skull Kid has stolen Majora's Mask. Oh no! It's making him do lots of evil stuff! Isn't robbing someone to steal the mask an evil thing to do in the first place? Anyhow, you are led to an alternate universe, stuck in the form of a Deku, thanks to the Skull Kid and his fairies. You're stuck with the meaner of the two fairies, Tatl (Why couldn't I have gotten her brother, Tael, instead?!). In this new land, you have to regain your form, collect masks, save the town from a suicidal moon in 3 days, and give Majora's Mask back to the mask salesman, among other stuff.

Some of it is the same as Ocarina of Time, the controls are OK. You also get to use other forms that the masks transform you into, and the controls on them need a little getting used to, but they are still good nonetheless. At some points, though, it gets a bit clunky.

Some of it is the same as Ocarina of Time. A lot of it is blocky, but the new additions are more detailed. The bosses are cool looking, even if one is a bull with a human head on it.

SOUND: 6/10
You make noises as young link, like screams from getting hurt, "yah!" when you swing your sword, and so forth. In other forms, young Link's noises are altered a little. Other sound effects are neat. A lot of sounds from OoT are in this, but a lot of new sounds are kind of stupid. Some new sounds, though, are very good.

MUSIC: 4/10
Some of it is nice, but it doesn't compare to Ocarina. The "Song of Storms" from Ocarina is played by the guy who taught it to you in OoT, and many new songs are good. Some songs, like the pathetic attempt at music in the Swamp Dungeon are laughable: Did the music programmers let their infant relatives do the song for it? It's not music, it's NOISE! However, I did like the music in the Deku Kingdom.

And here is where it all goes to Hell. You have 3 days to do whatever it is you have to do. At first, you have to help the missing fairy (it looks like a tamagotchi reject) reunite with its fellow missing fairies. There is a lot of semi-pointless stuff to do, whether it's playing hide and seek with those stupid boys so they'll let you into the observatory, or recovering lost goods, and you have to do it ALL AS A DEKU! That's right. The weakest race in Hyrule. But wait, there's more! Once you turn back to yourself and recover your stolen item, you get to go back in time, and the "3 days 'til the moon kills us all" time limit is resetted. Maybe you think it's OK, but: Just when you think you've gotten far, THE THIRD DAY IS ENDING AND THE MOON IS ABOUT TO FALL! Now you have to go back in time so it can ALL reset. All your stuff? Gone. Events that occurred? Never happened. Thankfully, if you've gotten new items (bombs, arrows, etc.), you keep them, but they go back to 0 in your inventory when the 1st day is back. Any heart pieces and masks you get you keep. Here's the basics:

Go to an area (Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, Canyon)
Go through hell to get the song you need to get access to the bosses' lairs
Enter the lair
Fight the boss, and return peace to the area
Do the sidequest (you NEED to do this if you want to survive the game)
Reset time

Of course, if you like frustration and repetition, this game is FUN FUN FUN!!
It's sort of like the movie, "Groundhog Day". The poor guy has to endure the same exact day over and over again. It drove him insane, but somehow, Nintendo thought: "Maybe it'd be fun if LINK was in it!" Please. If it wasn't fun for Bill Murray's character, why would WE like it?

It's a very hard game. Some of the parts get ridiculously frustrating, like being in the Goron races and having to go again and again and again until you win and get that stupid prize (I came in first once, yet somehow I STILL lost!). The dungeons get confusing, sans a walkthrough.

REPLAY: 1/10
Once you beat the game, you'll breathe a sigh of relief and thank God that it's all over. However, you might not even get that far, considering the torment that this game puts you through...

This is possibly, if not TRULY, the worst LoZ game ever made: It's worse than Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. This game has LESS in common with Zelda than Zelda 2 did! This game has so many nauseating and disappointing aspects: nasty characters, frustrating gameplay, the absence of all our favorite Zelda characters (sans Link and some OoT characters): the titular character, Zelda, was in this as a mere flashback! I'm not sure what Nintendo was thinking, but Groundhog Day is NOT a good example for gaming ideas!

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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