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"The best game of all time!"

This is my all time favorite game ever made. There are so many things to do in this game that range from completing the Bomber's Notebook to collecting all the mask and so much more. This game has countless hours of fun packed into it. All age groups will absolutely love this game.


The Hero of Time embarks on a personnel journey in search of a very special friend. Link is riding his horse through the forest when all of a sudden two fairies spot him. They sneak up on him and scare his horse, Epona, making her throw link onto the ground. The Hero of Time has temporarily been knocked out. Then up comes the two fairies friends, a fiendish skull kid wearing a mysterious mask. The skull kid searches Link for anything worth stealing and finds the Ocarina of Time, a precious instrument of the Royal Family said to be able to control time itself. While the skull kid is playing around with the Ocarina, Link wakes up, and attempts to grab the skull kid but misses and the skull kid jumps on to Epona and rides her away. In a last minute act of desperation, Link dives and grabs the skull kids leg. He is being drug along the ground until the Epona turns and swings Link off. You then begin pursuit of the skull kid. You then run into a dark tree hollow but find there is no ground under you and fall a long way down. As you fall you see nostalgic images. When you reach the bottom you see the sly skull kid floating on air accompanied buy the two fairies. He then uses the evil power of his mask on you and turns you into a Deku Scrub. He leaves you and runs into a door. You try to follow but Tatl, one of the fairies trys to stop you. The door then shuts leaving Tatl separated from her brother and the skull kid. You end up helping her get out of the place. You emerge in a strange place with a strange man with many masks on his back pack. He tells you that if you can recover the evil mask that was stolen from him within three days he will change you back to human. You walk outside to see a huge red-eyed moon very close to town. Word around town is that in three days that moon will fall down and crush every existing thing alive.

This is not all you do within the game either. It involves going back in time to conquer dungeons in order to summon the Four Giants.


You still have those very same controls from Ocarina of Time. Items such as masks, bottles, letters, and weapons can be assigned to the C Buttons. A is used for many options as well. You have 3 days to accomplish your goals. This is around 72 minutes. If time runs out, the whole world will be obliterated. There is a twist though, you will be taught the Song of Time which takes you back to day one where your 72 minutes begins again. There is almost to much stuff to do during this game. You will be very busy at all times. Your choice of things to do could be to rush through the story( you can not really rush through it because it is very, very long), collect all 52 heart pieces by doing task, or to collect all the mask. There are now 3 new mask that you can get that let you take the form of that creature. For example, the Deku Mask turns you in to a Deku Scrub and you can then use the abilities that they have. The other mask have their own functions too, such as the Blast Mask lets you use unlimited bombs but at the cost of some life.


The graphics stunning for a Nintendo 64 game. The level designs are creative and flashy. The areas are gigantic. There is no wonder why this game takes so long. These huge levels are filled with items to find and sometimes even cows. The weather looks realistic. Snow, rain, sun, cloudy with grey skies, they are all brilliant. As for Link, he looks the same, which is a good thing. The mask resemble the people and things they are supposed to marvelously as well.


Just like everything else in this game, very detailed. You are able to hear the sound of fire crackling to the raindrops. The theme music is still the same, but nobody's complaining. The music for most areas just keeps playing over and over, but there are a bunch of places to go and a bunch of music to listen to.


It is almost impossible to go through this game and have collected every heart piece and every mask. If you want to collect all of these items, I highly recommend using a guide. As far as the regular part of the game goes, I would say medium.


If I could rate higher then 10 I surely would. I have had this game for over two years and I still play the living daylights out of it. It is so much fun to collect the mask and get all of the heart pieces. Majora's Mask has something that Ocarina of Time didn't have. You can now replay the temple bosses over after you beat them. You just walk into the temple, step into the warp and you fight the boss all over again.


Not enough time to rent. I have had it for over two years! No way I would rent this game that long. This game is a must have for anyone.


This is my all time favorite game. It beats every game to me. I say you go buy this game as soon as you can. I am willing to bet that this game will be one of your favorite games to.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/28/04

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