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Majora's Mask was the sequel to the hit game, Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Most people who played that game and loved it were sitting excitedly, waiting for years, like myself, for this sequel. And guess what? It was no surprise that it was just as good as OOT.

Link, the main character, was always the dungeon type. Sure, he might spend a lot of time out in the grassland, but as in every Zelda game, the point is to go into the dungeons, grab the weapon, defeat the boss, grab the thing you need, rinse and repeat. This game, although with only four dungeons, was very long. What make them very lengthy are the perplexing puzzles in each of the dungeons.

Storyline 10/10
The adventure RPG had an interesting storyline: One day, while Link was traveling in the Lost Woods looking for his beloved fairy, gets thrown off his horse. The cause was two meddling fairies; one's name is Tatl, and the other Tael, who surprised the heck out of the horse. A Skull Kid wearing the ever-powerful Majora's Mask looks at the now unconscious Link and takes his Ocarina of Time. Because Zelda gave this too him, as soon as Link was back to normal and saw the Skull Kid, he attempted to capture him, but the kid ended up stealing Link's horse.

Link chased the Skull Kid into a dark room, where the horse disappeared. He was sitting in a spotlight, waiting for Link to come. When this event occurred, he turned Link into a weak Deku Scrub and went off. For now we are going to say the story is that Link has to get his Ocarina back and turn back into normal. When Link meets a Happy Mask Salesman, however, he promises that he will get Majora's Mask, as long as the salesman can turn him back to normal. The Happy Mask Salesman, keeping his deal, turned Link into a kid again as soon as he has the Ocarina again. Only Link had forgotten to get the mask.

That's not the only problem however. There is a moon that the Skull Kid created that will crash in 3 days. The moon will destroy the whole city that Link is in, Termina. The only things that can stop the moon are the four giants. The giants will only come if Link can go to the dungeons of the four areas: Swamp, Ocean, Mountain, and Canyon. Each place is cursed, and only if Link can turn the areas back to normal can he have the giants come and stop the moon from destruction. So Link sets out on an epic adventure to go to the dungeons, summon the giants and defeat Majora's Mask.

All right, that had nothing to do with Ganon, the main villain, yes, but the story sill is very in-depth.

Luckily out hero won't have to defeat all the dungeons in 3 days; he can simply play the Song of Time on his Ocarina with all of your progress saved. Time to go to the next dungeon!

Sound 9/10
The sound is exceptional, considering the Nintendo 64's limited capabilities. Whenever Link swings his sword, the sword and him make a sound: the sword makes a cool metal sound; and he says a fighting word like “Ha!” and “Ya!” The Clock Town music gives you a warm feeling, and you will be happy to hear it. With everyone peaceful, it sounds like a nice, soothing melody. As for the Termina Field (pretty much the main place you go) music, it sounds like the superb Zelda over world theme (ha!). It sounds very heroic, and suits the place. I mean, when it stars out, it sounds kind of weird, but then it starts to sound very heroic.

When you go into a region such as the swamp or water, you will hear this weird music that sounds a little weird and yet comfortable. I mean, it really brings some pizzazz into the region you are in. In each region however, the melody stays the same, but the instruments differ. This is probably done so that the song doesn't get repetitive and so it can go well with the region. For instance, the water area has the song, but it sounds kind of like sand, if you know what I mean.

It's too bad the dungeons didn't have much music. The Woodfall Temple had people screaming, but it also had a bit of music that was quiet, but loud enough so you could actually hear. It was a bunch of “do do do do,” not actually real music.

Places such as Snowhead Temple had an occasional sound that sounded like ice was falling off a steep cliff. There's occasional music, but it sounds frozen and makes the place seem creepier.

Speaking of dungeons, the boss battle music sounds real frightening, and when mixed with the scary room, it creates a tense boss battle!

Graphics 10/10
You though Super Mario 64's graphics were good? These are God! The graphics really push the N64 to the limit, and I take pride in saying that! Many people who have Ocarina of Time remember the same old Link, but somehow, he got a makeover and he looks a lot better, you know, more ready for action then before. Everything looks realistic, and nothing in it is cartoon like, unlike some games *cough* Super Mario 64 *cough.* Likewise, nothing is choppy, bland or bad. Everyone looks exactly how he or she is supposed to look, and it actually seems like they are alive! Overall, they would have to be very realistic. No wonder you need an expansion pack.

The colorful landscape throughout Termina Field really brings everything to life! They make one tree look so realistic. The green on the grass is the perfect color. They even added flowers in some places. The logs are also nice. Basically, the scenery is gorgeous. The enemies look exactly like they are supposed to, exactly how they are described.

Okay, you wouldn't call the dungeons detailed. They are real simple. But the graphics are just as 3D as the rest of the world.

Some of the things, such as an explosion from a bomb, look so realistic. The smoke is enough to make you look at it in awe. Other things, such as fire, don't get me started. The thing is so good, that when you see a fire enemy, your stomach will turn.

Other people, however, may look weird, such as a man with black eyes and a weird looking mouth. For the most part, they are good.

These are just some of the many good aspects of the graphics.

Game play 10/10
All right, basically you run on a basis of a 3-day period, going around Termina. Just like any normal clock, the time can turn from day to night. Different things can happen, such as diverse behavior of the villagers and certain things can happen at night. Also, some shops can close, while some may actually open. Different enemies come out at night as well. They are usually harder than normal ones. You can easily save your progress by playing the Ocarina of Time, and playing the Song of Time. Once done, all your main progress will be saved, but everything there will be reset back to the way they were when it was Day One.

Link has his trusty sword, along with a shield and his Ocarina. Don't worry; there are plenty of power ups.

In this game, Link won't just have to battle foes as human. There are 3 different transformation masks: the Deku, Goron, and Zora mask. A Deku is a plant-like thing, Gorons are err…they are hard to explain; Zoras are cool looking, fit, underwater creatures.

Along with the transformation masks, you can obtain regular masks. There are 21 in all. These masks all play a role in your journey. These regular ones can only be gotten if you do the many side quests. The quests can be very complex, and you might even need other masks to get the one you want.

Soon in your quest you will have magic power. The small amount can give you special powers with the transformation masks. The Deku can spit bubbles out of his snout, affecting enemies. The Goron, when gaining momentum, can shoot spikes out of himself!

The transformations have their strengths. The Deku can fly for a limited time with a Deku flower and shoot bubbles out of his mouth, the Goron can used it girth to pound enemies, and the Zora can use his blades to chop up enemies and use them as boomerangs.

With that in mind, the main quest is to go to a temple. To get to the temples, you must do a (usually hard) quest in that specific region. The quest has you use your mask that you have gotten from that area. Some may include the weirdest things such as rescuing a monkey. This actually a lot harder than said, mostly because you need your Deku mask, and he's real small.

Once you are done with the quest, you learn a song on your Ocarina to open a temple. In the temple, you need quick thinking, as well as a sharp mind and reflexes. The temples feature mind-bending puzzles, and there is a lot of action involved too. The puzzles are things such as finding how to defeat an enemy that has a hard shell to protect him. In addition, there is a lot of shield blocking and using many items, so much if the game has action involved. Once you are done with a temple, you move on to the boss. When the boss is dead, you can usually do some cool stuff around the region.

All the dungeons have locked doors. In order to unlock them, you will need to do a small search around the place for a treasure chest. It usually holds a key. When opening a boss door, you have to accomplish something hard to get a boss key.

Now, Link is going to do something other than use a musty old sword, isn't he? There are different power-ups in the temples. Unfortunately, unlike OOT, the items are just arrow power-ups. They add fire to your arrows and such. What backs it up are the other power-up to be found in the game. They aren't too cool, but are better than nothing.

In each dungeon, as a side quest, there are 15 stray fairies. If you manage to get all of them, then you bring them to the fairies fountain, where the stray fairies combine into one big Great Fairy. The fairy will give you a cool power-up, so it's worth getting the things.

You're whole life is run on hearts. You lose ‘em all, you lose the game. Luckily, there are things called heart pieces. They are rare, and each four that you grab increases the heart meter by one.

Of course, what's a good RPG without a healing tool? With your currency called Rupees and an empty bottle, you can buy a potion that can recover health, can recover your magic power, or both, which costs more. There are also fairies scattered about Termina, and if you manage to bottle those, when you die, the fairy will heal you. Handy, huh?

If, say, you have to go somewhere, and you are really far in the game and can't go back in time, there are these owl statues. You can just save your progress there, and when you start back, you will be in that exact spot.

Replay Value 10/10
There is so much replay value. You will need to find all 24 masks to see a special surprise. The side quests involves are plentiful, so don't expect to get all the masks in week. Also, the stray fairies in each dungeon serves a huge challenge. There are also many heart pieces that you could try to find. You could make a scavenger hunt. There are also, like, 10 mini games that you can play. You could try to play them all in one day. ; )

Overall 10/10
This game belongs in the Zelda hall of fame. It has all good qualities of a game and mashes it into one. Many people bashed this game, but don't even look at them. They are wrong. This game is superb, and doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. I suggest you go buy this game, because if you are fan of time games and love lots of replay value, then this game will suit you to a tee.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/05

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