Where and how do I get the hover boots?

  1. Where do I get the hover boots? How do I get them? If they are in the Shadow Temple how do I get into it?

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    JustJessie6 - 7 years ago

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  1. You get the hover boots in on of the secret rooms at the beginning of the shadow temple, just go to the corner of the second room and walk through the wall(you can see it with the eye of truth) and you will enter a sequence of these rooms, once you enter the room with the well's boss you defeat him and get the boots. If that wasn't good enough read an faq

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  1. in the shadow temple, just about the 1st room u enter there are the posts and the spinning bird. as soon as u enter that room turn left (use lens of truth) and u see a secret opening. walk through and u will go through a series of secret rooms kinda like a maze (use lens of truth to find your way through the secret passages) keep searching until u walk into a room with a circle of hands coming out of the ground. battle DEAD HAND and u will be able to open a chest with the hover boots inside once you defeat mr. dead hand

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  2. Adding to what they said, you get into the temple with the Nocturne of Shadow from Sheik, and you use Din's Fire to light the torches. If you don't have Din's Fire, go to the field in front of the castle as a kid, and once you get past the gate, you will see a boulder in the corner to blow up. Once inside, play Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce logo and you will have it.

    Read on for lens of truth. You need to learn the song of storms in the windmill at Kakariko as an adult, then go into the windmill again as a kid to actually play it. Go into the well, and once you have explored a while, you will find it. Don't expect to get very far in the Shadow Temple easily without it.

    Hope this helps

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