Where is princess ruto?

  1. I talked to the king and all he does is moan about her being lost.

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    Twilightwolf77 - 7 years ago
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    Never mind how do i get the bottle in the lake I couldn't dive far enough

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    Twilightwolf77 - 7 years ago

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  1. You have to pass the first challenge on the diving game at zoras doimain (left to the king). After you passed it and got the silver scale go over north to the diving challenge under water and you should see a door underwater, swim underwater to the door and through it(since you have the silver scale you should have enough air. Once you are through the door you should be in lake hylia and in the water in front of you is a bottle, swim down and get it. Once you have the bottle go back through the door and take the bottle to the king. Once you are in front of the king put the bottle on one of the C buttons and show it to the king by pressing the C button you put it on. If he does not see the bottle try positioning yourself in a different way. When he does see the bottle he should start talking and soon he will slowly move out of the way. Go up the stairs and enter the passage the king made for you. Now you should be in Zoras fointain and you should see lord jabu-jabu. You should have a fish with you, if not go back to zoras doimain and go and catch one with a bottle.. Once you have a fish go back to Jabu and get in front of his face and drop the fish. Jabu-Jabu should open his mouth and you should go in it.

    Once inside you are in the 3rd dungeon
    After exploring this place for a bit( or go straight forward using a strategy guide)you should find princess Ruto but you have to help her excape the dungeon.

    Hop that helped!

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  1. In general ruto is inside JabuJabu's belly when u enter after u present the fish you will find her in the third room inside Jabu she will drop down and again all you have to do is follow her down the hole and ull see her again

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