Where are all the locations of spots to plant beans?

  1. And which ones have gold skulltulas in them? (note, I have already planted beans in the kokiri forest spot, as well as the spot right next to the guy who sells the beans. do these have gold skulltulas in them? if so, how do i get them now that my plant is in?)

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    TuccessfulSroll - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The following are the locations where you plant Magic Beans:

    - Zora's Domain: Right next to the guy who sells you Magic Beans.
    - Gerudo Valley: Down in the canyon you'll see a small stretch of land. This part of ground has the Bean hole; float down there while holding a Cucco to reach it.
    - Lost Woods: Enter it from Kokiri Forest, then go left two times. You'll find a Bean hole there.
    - Lost Woods: Enter it from Kokiri Forest, then go right, left, right, left, left. You'll find a Bean hole there.
    - Kokiri Forest: Right next to the item shop.
    - Kakariko Graveyard: Located on the left side.
    - Death Mountain Trail: Right next to the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.
    - Death Mountain Interior: Use the Bolero of Fire to warp inside. You'll find a Bean hole nearby(in an easy-to find spot, so don't worry about overheating to death; you have enough time).
    - Lake Hylia: Next to the Laboratory.
    - Desert Colossus: Next to the entrance of the Spirit Temple.

    As for the Gold Skulltulas, every Magic Bean hole has one(apart from the hole in Zora's Domain). And even if you planted a bean in the hole, it's still the same; if you pour a bottle of bugs in the hole you'll force the Skulltula out, regardless of whether you already planted the bean or not. And there's no damage done to the bean either, in case you're worried about it.

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Other Answers

  1. Also, you can get a Piece of Heart from the following locations as Adult Link since the beans grew in those seven years.

    Zora's Domain ( You can get also as Young Link by using a cucco to fly to it)
    Kakariko Graveyard
    Death Mountain Trail (You can also get as Young Link, but it's easier as Adult Link)
    Lake Hylia
    Desert Colossus

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